HONORSE - Tierra de Pinares is a non-profit organization that seeks to gather the support of all agents, whether public or private, to stimulate and achieve the economic and socio-cultural development of the region where it operates: Tierra de Pinares Segoviana. These agents can be Town Councils, Communities of "Villa y Tierra", unions, cooperatives, companies and associations of all kinds (business, cultural, women ...). The collaboration and cooperation of all of them make up what the community terminology calls a Local Action Group (LAG). From the beginning, the Association bet strongly for the union of efforts in a medium, such as rural Segovia, with multiple difficulties, but at the same time with enormous potentialities.

The Local Action Group HONORSE - Tierra de Pinares is more than just a manager of European initiatives. Through union and association in rural areas, despite its great difficulties, an important driver of the development of the municipalities of Tierra de Pinares has been constituted, as a solid, established group was created, defined by its high degree of consensus in the actions that are carried out.

According to its statutes, the Association's intention is to be the point of meeting and representation of all entities and agents interested in the development of the region, to achieve among others the following objectives:

  • Sensitize the local, regional and state administrations, as well as the European institutions, in order to optimize the use of the endogenous resources of the region for its harmonious and integral development.
  • Enable partners to exchange experiences and intervention methodologies in the field of development.
  • Participate in the development programs convened by the different administrations.

HONORSE-Tierra de Pinares Association
PO Box 151
C / Trinidad, 22
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