The Diputación will give a new training course on the control of water for human consumption

The Diputación will give a new training course on the control of water for human consumption

The responsibility assumed by the municipalities to ensure that the water supplied through the distribution networks, tanks or mobile tanks is suitable for consumption at the point of delivery to the consumer, has led to the Provincial Council, through the Laboratorio de Prodestur to carry out on Tuesday 20 of March a new specific course of manipulator of waters destined for human consumption. Course program (

The training is aimed at staff of local authorities in charge of this work, whose role is very important in helping and monitor the status of drinking water, since the loss of their natural characteristics may contribute to the spread of disease.

From Prodestur-Segovia these teachings are taught once again because, according to the article 15 of Royal Decree 140 / 2003, all the people who perform tasks in the supply areas, in relation to drinking water (such as maintenance of the installation, sampling, determination of parameters "in situ", etc.) must have specific training and adapted to your job as a water handler for human consumption.

This course aims to inform and train workers of local authorities in the province involved in water management so that a simple and easy way, know the most significant points of the legislation that affects them and what they should fulfill in the performance of their daily functions in the Town Halls. They will also be shown in a practical way the performance of the municipalities in terms of compliance with regulatory requirements.

The program, which is going to be developed in the Casa del Sello (San Francisco 32 Street in Segovia), opens the intervention of Prodestur deputy Magdalena Rodríguez at ten o'clock in the morning. Then, different presentations will be developed that will address different aspects related to the use of the resource.

The first will deal with general concepts on safety and health; possible physical, chemical and biological dangers and responsibilities and hygienic habits of the manipulator.

Next, the importance of water quality will be analyzed, in which issues of legislation, contaminants and risks to health and supply areas will be addressed.

After the break, will delve into everything related to self-control and management, accounting matters related to water treatment, types of analysis and sampling and responsibilities in the management and maintenance.

The competences of the municipalities in these matters are regulated in the Royal Decree 140 / 2003, of 7 of February, by which the sanitary criteria of the quality of the water for human consumption are established and by the Health Surveillance Program of Water of Consumption Human of Castilla y León whose general objective is to achieve an efficient control and surveillance of drinking water, in order to avoid or reduce to the maximum the possible risks to human health derived from any type of water alteration.