The products of the earth take center stage in the V Fair of Wine and Cheese of Sepúlveda

The products of the earth take center stage in the V Fair of Wine and Cheese of Sepúlveda

  • Folklore, tasting and flavor will be the axes of a contest that brings together 7 companies and is becoming a tourist and promotional resource
  • During the weekend of the 14 and 15 in April, the V Wine Top "Villa de Sepúlveda" in several bars and restaurants
  • The dances also have a prominent presence at the Fair with the "III Children and Youth Dance Competition Villa de Sepúlveda"

The 5th Wine and Segovian Cheese Fair that will be held in Sepúlveda on the weekend of the 14 and 15 in April starts engines. During two intense days, sepulvedanos and visitors will be able to know, acquire or taste some of the most representative wines and cheeses that are produced in the province of Segovia in the different stops that will be located in the Plaza de España of the town. Alimentos de Segovia, the brand of the Diputación that promotes the local Segovian products, and Prodestur, the tourism agency of the provincial institution, are back to support the event, organized by the Sepúlveda City Council and Turismo de Sepúlveda, and which coincides with the celebration parallel of a contest of Tapas.

The Fair has been presented today in the Diputación with the assistance of the Deputies of Economic Promotion and Prodestur, Jaime Pérez and Magdalena Rodríguez and the mayor of Sepúlveda, Ramón López.

The contest will serve to promote the agri-food products of the province and for the tourist promotion of a town with innumerable heritage attractions, which is included in the group of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain.

Some of the participating wineries and cheese shops will be: Bodegas Navaltallar, Mocendillo Cheese, Caprichos de Sacramenia Cheese, Miller Cheese, Severino Sanz Winery, García Serrano Winery, Ribera del Duratón Winery, among others.

As in previous years, during the weekend the V Wine Top "Villa de Sepúlveda" in several bars and restaurants in the town that have prepared a series of creations based on the products promoted at the Fair. Thus, the Bar-Restaurante Casa Paulino offers "Cheese balls with wine sauce"; El Bar- Restaurante Samoa: "Taco de cod with vegetables and onion confit"; Bar La Queda: "Volován de morcilla, queso y manzana"; the Cristóbal Bar-Restaurant: "Corn and sesame taco filled with mushrooms with onions and cream cheese"; La Taberna del Peri: "Sirloin with pepper sauce"; Cafeteria Vado del Duratón: "Tosta de sirloin on roquefort sauce and Pedro Ximénez wine reduction"; the Señorío de Sepúlveda Bar-Restaurant: "We met 25 years: Sobrasada toast with goat cheese and caramelized onion" and La Cocina Bar-Restaurant: "Barquera de toro al vino tinto".

The price of the tapa with the wine will be 3,00 €; and from the cover: 1,50 €. The wine will differ in each one of the establishments previously named, thus representing the wineries participating in the fair.

The dances also have a prominent presence in the Fair since its inception, therefore, on Saturday at the 18: 30 hours will be held in the Plaza the "III Children and Youth Competition of Villa de Sepulveda Dances". Corridos, parades and jotas will be some of the dances with which they will delight all the attendees. Also on Sunday from the 13: 00 h. the music of dulzaina will animate the Fair.

The opening of the Fair will be on Saturday 14 day at 11: 30 h. and the 12: 30 h. the inauguration will be carried out by the "Virgen de la Peña" Dance Group of Sepúlveda.

The opening hours of the Fair during Saturday and Sunday are: Saturday of 11: 30h to 14: 30h and 16: 30h to 20: 00h; and 11 Sunday: 30h to 15.00h.