Segovia will host the XXII National Congress of Travel Agencies in 2019

Segovia will host the XXII National Congress of Travel Agencies in 2019

Thismeetingsuppose a good opportunity to promote tourism the province tolcollective of professionals of the sector

The National Union of Viaj Agenciese brings together some 200 entrepreneurs, keys toguidethe destinationsen its agencies and branches

Prodestur today presented the candidacy of Segovia within the framework of XXI congress which is celebrated in Cuenca

The steps taken by Prodestur, the tourist body of the Provincial Council, in the field of travel agencies ha ended in that lto the headquarters of the XXII National Tourism Congress of Travel Agencies is celebratede in Segovia environment a April or May of 2019. Representatives of the provincial institution with the deputy of Prodestur,MagdalenaRodrón, in front,have picked up todayThursday the witness in Cuencain the course of the Congress that takes place there, for the Juan Bravo Theater to host next year this event, which is considered as the most relevant among the professionals of the sector.

The deputy of Prodestur has been in charge of presenting the candidacy of Segovia to the celebration of the next meeting in an act in which was present the Minister of Justice Rafael Catalá.

Of the 21 editions that have taken place, this congress on three occasions has been held in Castilla y León, specifically Zamora, Ávila and León, and in other Granada, Santander, Jaén, Madrid, Huelva, Marbella, Seville, Madeira, Palma de Mallorca, Córdoba, Lanzarote, Cuenca, etc., having repeated headquarters in many of them.

From Prodestur it is emphasized that the celebration of this type of congresses is a good opportunity to make known the province and its tourist possibilities to a group of 200 professionals of the sector, the owners of travel agencies, his precisely those who decide the sales policy of their agencies and branches.

And is that business tourism and meetings has become one of the main engines of development of tourist destinations and, therefore, an important source of income, employment and investment.

UNAV is la Business Union of Travel Agencies, which operates throughout the Spanish territory. It was incorporated in 1977, which makes it the Association dean of the travel agency sector.

It is currently integrated by 120 members, all of them owners of Travel Agency establishments and their branches, with a total of 1.500 points of sale.

There are also members attached, giving such name to natural or legal persons, related to the sector, sympathetic to this Association and with a determined purpose of collaborating with UNAV in order to enhance the quality and conditions of the provision of travel services that the consumer demand

UNAV was an essential part in the founding of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Travel Agencies (FEAAV), which aims to complete the unification of the sector, through the integration in it, of all Spanish associations.

In this edition of the Tourism Congress, organized by UNAV in Cuenca and that account with some 300 assistants,have been selected for your analysis a series of aspects that are consideredof great importance and interest for the development of an optimalManagement of Travel Agencies.

Among them,el faithful complianceof current regulations on the subject ofvcombined trains, the development of provisions ons to the application of Ion the Value Added (VAT), the treatment andData protection or the cCertification to use credit cards (PCI / DSS). Similarly se they study some aspects of the trends of thetourism