Prodestur coordinates the visit of Chinese tourism agents who will promote Segovia in the Asian country

Prodestur coordinates the visit of Chinese tourism agents who will promote Segovia in the Asian country

El travel chases present to the Chinese tourist the offer of cultural, idiomatic or nature tourism from our province

This action is in addition to others such as the organization of trips for Chinese influencers or collaboration with Malaysian TV programs

The emerging Chinese tourist market every time has more present to Segovia as a tourist destination,as shown by the multiple actions coordinated by Prodestur, the body that manages the tourist action of the Deputation Provincel. In this case, a group of diez Chinese tour operators (eight of Beijing and all the ENT de Shanghai) got in touch with the Beijing Foreign Tourism Office con the occasion of the seminar "Spain Reloaded " organized by Turespaña and aimed at the market chino, strong strategic issuer market,to  organizes ther en an organized visit a Castilla y León, with stop in Segovia. The coordination of the stay in SegoviaIt has been directed precisely by Prodestur.

The participants they have made un I travel throughout the region with the aim of presenting later the chinese touristthe offer of cultural tourism, idiomatic tourism, gastronomic tourism o nature tourism.

In our province the retinue visitóLa Granja, Coca and Sepúlveda and in the city realizó an itinerary from the Aqueduct until Alcazar passing through the Cathedral.At all times they wereaccompanied by Jin Guohua, which is the market analyst of this Oficina Exterior Turismo.

Prodestur put at the disposal of the expedition an official guide:Leticia González GuideWho I manage themó Access to the main monuments and places of interest. Likewise, collaborateó to organize lunch, which in this case was at the Cándido Restaurant, at the request of the delegation.

And is that caware of the importance of the Chinese tourism market Prodestur already isá collaborating in the organization of a series of "Press Trips"(organized trips destined to publicize the tourist product of the province) for "influencers", media leaders in social networks very important China that have millions of followers.

Also, thinking about the wide oriental tourist spectrum,the tourist body of the Diputación collaborated a few weeks ago together with the Siglo Foundation and the Spanish Tourism Office in Singapore, in the development of a shooting of Radio Television Malaysia RTM which included the city of Segovia and the Royal Site of San Ildefonso.