Pedraza hosts the III Tourist Weekend with a program based on routes, music, guided tours and bird watching workshops

Pedraza hosts the III Tourist Weekend with a program based on routes, music, guided tours and bird watching workshops

Pedraza will become the weekend of the 22 and 23 of September in the center of tourist attention of the province. That is what Prodestur intends the Tourism Department of the County Council with the development of this event, which reaches its third edition. During this weekend the town of the mountains will be the protagonist of this event to promote tourism in its different aspects: gastronomic, heritage, sports, industrial, events and nature.

A date that will mark in the calendar lovers of Romanesque art, nature observation, hiking, bicycle tourism, folkloric events, country music, shopping, good food and company, because the prepared program is full of activities that match with these references, as explained today by the President of the Provincial Council, Francisco Vázquez, who has appeared before the media along with the deputy of Prodestur, Magdalena Rodríguez, and the mayor of Pedraza, Pedro Martín Arcones.

The different routes have a leading role. The first serves to start with the activities, which start on Saturday 22 at 9 in the morning with a cultural and industrial route that departs from Segovia and runs through Sotosalbos, the Martinete de Navafría, the hermitage of the Virgen de las Vegas and Pedraza.

Then, from the 10: 30 hours another hiking route begins, in Pedraza, which will travel 3 kilometers along the path of Las Tongueras, an itinerary that will be repeated on 23 Sunday starting at 10 in the morning.

They have also organized two birding workshops with telescope and binoculars, which will take place on the esplanade of Pedraza Castle on Saturday from twelve noon and until six in the afternoon and Sunday from twelve to three in the morning. late.

As for the guided tours of the Villa, there will be four. Two on Saturday, at twelve-thirty in the morning and at five in the afternoon and the others on Sunday at eleven in the morning and twelve-thirty.

For Saturday, a popular meal has also been prepared, including a barbecue and an Iberian safari. It will be developed on the farm of the livestock of La Perla in El Cubillo. You can see Lusitanian horses, bison and wild cattle up close. The price of the tour is 12 euros.

Prodestur will facilitate transportation to Pedraza and its subsequent return both days. It is essential to reserve a place in each of the weekend activities before the 20 in September, including the seats of the bus. The price of the bus and the visits are five euros per person. Reservations for trips and meals can be made through the 921 46 60 70 phone during the 9 business hours from Monday to Friday: 00 to 14: 00 hours.

The musical section of the Weekend is in charge of the group "The Widows Makers", which will offer a concert from seven in the afternoon. Previously, the group of dances from Arcones "La Cachucha", will offer a sample of its most representative repertoire.

The day of Saturday is completed with a tasting tasting of cheese and craft beer organized by the brand Alimentos de Segovia from one in the afternoon.

Tartas children's contest

One of the novelties this year is the celebration "I Concurso Infantil de Tartas Provincia de Segovia" that will feature Samantha Vallejo-Nájera as coordinator and president of the jury. The participants will be presented on 23 Sunday in September, at 12: 00 hours and the contest will start at 12: 30 hours.

The objective of this contest is the promotion of the Tourist Weekend involving the children through a contest that encourages imagination and creativity. The best flavor will be assessed; the presentation and originality, and the cleanliness in the preparation of the recipes.

Open Day

During the weekend the main tourist centers of the Villa, both the Castle, the Jail, the House of the Imperial Eagle and the Church (although the temple only in the afternoon) will hold open days on Saturday from eleven o'clock in the morning to two in the afternoon and four to eight in the afternoon and Sunday from eleven in the morning to two in the afternoon. The free opening of these enclosures will be possible thanks to the collaboration of the Zuloaga family, the Villa de Pedraza Foundation, Natural Heritage and the Bishopric.

As a preamble to the weekend activities, on Thursday 20 at seven in the evening will be screened at the Juan Bravo Theater the documentary "Hollywood rolls in Spain", a work that reviews the films shot in Segovia and the province . Admission will be free until full capacity is reached.

The III Tourist Weekend of the Province has had the involvement and collaboration of the City Council, as well as trade entrepreneurs, hotels and restaurants in the area.

This initiative was created in 2016 with the aim of promoting touristically different corners of the province both among Segovians themselves and among residents of other provinces.

In that first edition, a total of fifteen towns participated, although Martín Muñoz de las Posadas, with its rich historical heritage, played a special role, because it housed the Segovia food fair and craftsmen, a popular meal, a nature workshop for families, a adventure park in the trees and captive balloon.

The II Tourist Weekend traveled to Tierra de Pinares, specifically to Sanchonuño, where the main activities were carried out, in which food and gastronomy were important. They also shared acts of that weekend towns such as Cuéllar, Samboal or Navas de Oro.