More than fifty tourist agents are interested in the second workshop on bicycle tourism of the Provincial Council

More than fifty tourist agents are interested in the second workshop on bicycle tourism of the Provincial Council

More than fifty businessmen and tourism agents today attended the second of the three workshops created to promote bicycle tourism as a tourist resource in the province of Segovia. Organized by Prodestur, the tourist agency of the Diputación that directs the deputy Magdalena Rodríguez, the seminar has explained in a double session the manual of quality of the cyclotouristic services in the province of Segovia. Prodestur sees in this resource a determining factor to increase overnight stays.

This manual explains to entrepreneurs, tourism agents or local entities the minimum requirements that must be met to be certified as a quality cycling destination or accommodation with the Bikefriendly seal, a label supervised by this consultant, who together with Prodestur have developed the project . Adhering to this program will be free thanks to the collaboration maintained by the tourism agency of the County Council with this signature.

All the touristic agents that wish to adhere to the project will convert the provincial territory into a Bikefriendly territory, which certifies that it is suitable for the practice of quality cycling and becomes part of this cataloging and of important national and international promotion circuits. international for this type of practices.

At the moment you have the list of certified companies and their location will begin immediately to create the first products and tour packages based on bicycle tourism.

At the working table on the generation of cyclotourism products, a conceptualization of the product lines has been made and the profile of the cyclist of interest has been defined, analyzing the characteristics of the potential client of the province of Segovia; with who practices cyclotourism or what are their motivations.

Next, the types of bicycle tourism based on the use of bicycles, their orientation and modalities have been studied and the product lines for the province of Segovia have been defined; the keys to a successful product; the channels of diffusion and commercialization; the sources of information as means of promotion; reservation methods such as marketing channels and customer loyalty as the main way of promotion and marketing.

The objective of these workshops is to turn the province of Segovia into a cycling mecca and discover all the potentialities of this practice as a tourist resource.

The businessmen and agents have shown a high interest in the workshop and have transferred aspects such as the use of rural roads for the practice of bicycle touring, if it is compatible; Real information on the status of routes on the web and promotion at fairs.

Prodestur Segovia Turismo carries out a participatory project with the aim of making the province a "Bikefriendly Territory" that values ​​all existing resources, complements the tourist offer of the territory, encourages the use of bicycles as an alternative to visit, deseasonalize the tourist activity and increase the number of visitors through a cyclotouristic proposal of quality and socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Cycling routes have a very important weight when choosing the tourist destination. In Prodestur, 47 has already created interesting itineraries to carry out this activity, differentiating between road and off-road bicycle routes.

The cyclist, with a medium-high status, usually choose hotels or rural houses with all the comforts. In addition, these people prepare the route thoroughly before carrying it out.

Cyclists especially appreciate the safety and continuity of the routes; existence of pleasant natural spaces and existence of peaceful villages for bicycles; signage and clear and pleasant interpretive information. The province, in this sense, has an ideal offer for the realization of this type of tourism.