Cuéllar hosts the VI Congress of Outdoor Horticulture

Cuéllar hosts the VI Congress of Outdoor Horticulture

The Villa de Cuéllar hosted the VI Outdoor Horticultural Congress, organized by the cooperative of the Glus I field and the Tierras magazine, with the collaboration, among other entities and companies, of the Diputación de Segovia.

In the inauguration of the event were present the deputy of Prodestur, Magdalena Rodríguez, the general director of Agricultural Production and Agricultural Infrastructures, Óscar Sayagués, the president of the Glus I Cooperative, José Julio Pascual, the director of the Tierras magazine, Fernando de Paz , the President of ASOPROFIT, José Nieto Pinilla and the Territorial Director of Agricultural Business of Bankia, Jesús López Pinilla.

The Congress focused on a day, with several talks and seminars on the theme Tools for sustainable and efficient production. In it, different topics were addressed such as the use of new technologies for the improvement and optimization of irrigation and fertilization; Good agricultural practices, proper management and regeneration of soils, formulas to improve crop health and production, new horticultural crops, as well as the improvement of plant health in crops in which the search for solutions is also collaborating Provincial Council based on the Collaboration Agreement established between the Provincial Councils of Segovia, Valladolid and Ávila, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Association for Phytosanitary Protection (ASOPROFIT).

The project object of this Agreement are the new strategies to mitigate the damages caused by the diseases of horticultural species of new appearance "The presentation of the results of the project in the 2018 campaign was carried out by M. Carmen Asensio Sánchez Manzanera. ITACYL