The Camino de San Frutos organized by the Provincial Council reaches its fourth stage between Puebla de Pedraza and Sebúlcor

The Camino de San Frutos organized by the Provincial Council reaches its fourth stage between Puebla de Pedraza and Sebúlcor

A route of 11,2 kilometers between Puebla de Pedraza and Sebúlcor centers the route that the Provincial Council, through its tourist organism Prodestur, proposes on Sunday 7 of April to realize the fourth stage of the Way of San Frutos, the provincial pilgrimage for the related places with the holy hermit.

In this new and penultimate installment, the pilgrims will embark on an itinerary of low difficulty that culminates with the majesty of the Duraton landscape and its natural attractions and for which it has been estimated to take a time of about three hours to complete it. It is a different way of knowing the province through a Pilgrimage Route full of attractions and not exempt from spirituality.

The expedition will depart at nine o'clock in the morning from the Plaza de Toros de Segovia towards Cantalejo, where the first stretch of the route, of 6,8 kilometers, will begin. Once there you will leave the town center to take a path that will lead to the road that goes to Valdesimonte.

Crossing the road, the path will lead along the side of some fields that are currently used for golf and will reach the path of Rebollo. A road of concentration, wide and very visible that links the towns of Cantalejo and Rebollo. This great road will lead, without abandoning it at any time, to the local briquera where a stop will be made along the way.

Then continue to Sebúlcor for another 4,4 kilometers. The exit of Cantalejo will be made by the road that leads to Sepúlveda and that transits through the pine forest of the town to the sports area. It is just at the end of this area, at the end of the campsite wall, where the expedition will take a wide path and through labor fields will lead to cross the road between Cantalejo and Sebúlcor, where you will find a path that will lead to this town closely linked to the Camino de San Frutos, which will arrive around two in the afternoon. There, the town council will invite all participating hikers to a snack before going back on the bus

The price of the activity is 3 euros; includes round trip bus, insurance, water and road information with all its scenic and monumental details. Those interested in completing this Stage IV of the San Frutos Trail can register at the offices of Prodestur, on the street of San Francisco 32 from Monday to Friday from 8: 00 to 14: 30 hours or by calling 921 46 60 70. Those walkers who have the previous credential should take it to continue sealing it and the new ones will pick up the credential in the offices of Prodestur.

Emerged in 2011

It was at 2011, on the occasion of the anniversary of El Adelantado de Segovia, when the project arose, which was carried out with the help of the Diputación de Segovia, Prodestur and the Junta de Castilla y León. The first step was the study of the Camino, to then proceed to its dissemination and signage with landmarks and information panels, being its official presentation in January of 2012.

This action created an infrastructure that helps the transversal tourism development of the province, since it favors accommodation, restoration, cultural heritage, nature, nature observation, archaeological tourism, etc.

Starting in Zamarramala, through rural roads for public use, you have the possibility to make two different routes. Until Santo Domingo de Pirón the route coincides in both roads, from there one transits through Tenzuela, Carrascal de la Cuesta, Caballar, Muñoveros, Puebla de Pedraza, Cantalejo and Sebúlcor and the other by Pelayos del Arroyo, Val Tower of San Pedro, Valle from San Pedro, Pedraza, Orejana, La Matilla, Valdesaz, Consuegra de Muera and Sepulveda. To finish the two, in the Hoces del río Duratón, in the Hermitage of San Frutos.

Last year the common route to the two routes was made and this year one of the slopes is being tackled, that of Caballar, where the relics of the brothers of San Frutos, San Valentín and Santa Engracia are found. The intention of Prodestur Segovia Tourism is to continue with these excursions until completing the Camino by the two slopes, the first of which will be completed with the next and last stage, which will be around the 25 of October, coinciding with the saint's feast.