Valseca distributes some 1.500 cooked portions to welcome the Guarantee Mark of its chickpea

Valseca distributes some 1.500 cooked portions to welcome the Guarantee Mark of its chickpea

Some 1.500 people have tasted the popular Cocido that is distributed in the fifteenth Fair of the Garbanzo de Valseca, which has had a special flavor because it has served to welcome the Label of Guarantee of the legume that has achieved with the support of the laboratory of Prodestur. The Fair, organized by the City Council of the town and in which the County Council collaborates, serves the municipality to become a focus of attraction around its most famous product.

The President of the Diputación Francisco Vázquez has witnessed with his visit the support of the provincial institution to this event, as an engine of economic dynamism of the town. Next to him, on the tour of the fair, the mayor of the town, Alfonso García; the president of the Association for the Development of Garbanzo de Valseca, Adolfo Manso; and the Deputy of Administration and Personnel, José Luis Sanz Merino

This stew has been one of the central acts of the Fair and serves as a promotion of the Garbanzo de Valseca. Since it began to be organized in 2005, its success and impact has been increasing, from 600 rations distributed then to the almost 1.500 that have been distributed in this edition.

In next year's edition, the famous stew will be made with chickpeas from the "Garbanzo de Valseca" Guarantee Mark.

The day of Saturday has been the central day of the Fair. The celebration of the Fourth Infantile Race and the Fourth Pedestrian and Popular March, which have had some 500 participants, have opened the day at ten thirty in the morning. Throughout the day it has been possible to visit the Artisan Market and Food Companies of Segovia

And on the occasion of the "International Museum Day", the first guided visit to the Geo-Museum of Valseca was made with free admission and a Geo-Route through the Los Galachos area. In the museum of minerals have been able to see more than 200 samples in a collection that by its characteristics make it unique throughout the region.

It has also been possible to attend the Science and Technology Exhibition "The science that is seen is touched", at the Socio-Cultural Center "Doctor Velasco" guided by Professor Santos Mazagatos.


Tomorrow, Sunday, 19, the central act of the day will be the second of the concerts of the New Mester de Juglaría programmed for the 50 anniversary tour.

Valseca is one of the ten municipalities of the province that host a concert of this cycle, created by the Provincial Council so that the towns of the province had the opportunity to enjoy these concerts, which were prepared for the 50 anniversary of the group.