The Provincial hires twelve people thanks to the Prodestur Employment Plan with a budget of 120.000 euros

The Provincial hires twelve people thanks to the Prodestur Employment Plan with a budget of 120.000 euros

The Diputación de Segovia is committed from different areas for the creation of employment in the province, supporting municipalities but also directly. This is the case of the Prodestur Employment Plan through which twelve people, eight informants and four environmental guides who carry out tourism and environmental work throughout the province have been hired for this year, with a budget of 120.000 euros.

An informant to attend the Navafría Martinete Ethnographic Museum, three to meet the needs of strong tourist impact, four to cover the tourist and cultural needs of towns with high tourist influx and four environmental guides are the profiles hired on this occasion, and all of them have been accompanying this morning the acting president, Miguel Ángel de Vicente and the acting deputy of Prodestur, Magdalena Rodríguez in the presentation of the details of this plan that has taken place in the Courtyard of Columns of the Provincial Palace and that It has also had the presence of the mayors of the municipalities involved such as Navafría, Palazuelos de Eresma, the Royal Site of San Ildefonso and Cuéllar.

Prodestur receives for the fourth consecutive year a subsidy from the Ministry of Employment, which publishes through the ECYL, to carry out this Plan thanks to which the infrastructure of rural accommodation adapted for people with different capacities has already been analyzed. Inventory of more than 400 paths through the province and natural sources have been documented in different areas of Segovia.

On the one hand, the Navafría Martinete is an important tourist resource of Industrial Heritage that attracts many visitors. Therefore, from Prodestur a person has been hired who during the months of greatest tourist influx opens the building and explains to the visitors the importance of ingenuity and the use of water energy. In addition, it informs of all the tourist resources of the province, and especially of the area of ​​the Sierra, the National and Natural Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama, the Acebeda de Prádena, the Cave of the Enebralejos, the Cistercian Monastery of Collado Hermoso or tourist places of great heritage value such as Pedraza de la Sierra and Sotosalbos.

As explained by the acting president, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, "the target of this action is to increase the potential of the north side of the Sierra de Guadarrama since it is the most prolific in terms of rural accommodation and its offer will undoubtedly boost the stay of tourists, seasonal or passing population and of the Segovians themselves. "

Secondly, three people have been hired to offer information on all the activities that take place in different parts of our geography, hence their workplace is variable. Throughout the season they will inform from the receptions of the hotels of the capital of Segovia, and during the development of activities of strong tourist impact they will inform the participants 'in situ'. These three people will take turns in places and schedules to have the counters served as long as possible, always taking into account the busiest traffic schedules. "The experience of past years supports the usefulness of this activity, highly valued by hoteliers and users," said De Vicente.

In addition, a portable counter will be installed with a person at the reception of the hotels of 4 and 5 stars of Segovia as they are to explain to their customers the tourist possibilities that our province has. These people will change hotel every two weeks, in order to provide service in all of them. For the acting president, the purpose of this action is clear, "increase overnight stays and loyalty to our visitors, making them know other places in the province, to awaken in them the desire to return and know other places in our territory."

Another of the actions included in this Plan is the hiring of four people who support the organization and information of all the cultural activities that are organized in summer and autumn in localities that experience a large tourist influx at these times of the year such as the Real Sitio from San Ildefonso, Cuéllar, Palazuelos de Eresma and El Espinar, as well as informing about the tourist resources of the whole area.

Miguel Ángel de Vicente explained that "the target This activity is to value each area and turn visitors into prescribers. With this, we will not only increase the overnight stays, but also loyalty to the visitors, who will recommend us among their friends and family. "These people will work under the orders of the collaborating municipalities, which contribute 25% of the service cost. Profile have a broad knowledge of the tourist and cultural activities that take place in each municipality and its surroundings, as well as those of the tourist and natural resources that the town has, also have their own initiative, ability to work in teams and Experience with dealing with the public.

Finally, four environmental guides will again carry out a study of the natural sources of the province. In this case, it is the turn of the Northeast area of ​​the province, the so-called Riaza-Duratón Region formed by a total of fifty-seven municipalities that group a total of one hundred and nineteen population centers. His work will be reflected in a publication to which the data and conclusions collected as in previous occasions will be transferred.

In the words of the deputy of Prodestur in functions, Magdalena Rodríguez, "with this work, the water from the natural sources located in three distinct landscape sets within the Northeast region will be cataloged and analyzed: La Sierra, Entresierras and the Serrezuela, and two natural parks: Hoces del Duratón and Hoces del Riaza, which increases the attractiveness of the studio. "

In each of the sources, its location, altitude, average flow, description of the construction and all possible data of interest will be collected because "having these points identified has two purposes; on the one hand, it will serve as an additional complement to the tourism you are looking for contact with nature and rural environments, and, on the other hand, information about the state and quality of that water will be obtained, "Rodríguez said. It is also intended to publicize natural sources abandoned or unknown by the population because they are in areas with little traffic and that also have a high landscape, historical and tourist value. Phase I of the Natural Sources Study of the Segovia Region ended in 2017, the next phase was in the 2018 with the Tierra de Pinares Region and at the beginning of the 2019 the Segoviana Countryside was completed and after the current work the last and fourth phase will be undertaken corresponding to the Northeast area of ​​the province.

Employment Plan of the Provincial

Miguel Ángel de Vicente has also informed of the data derived from the General Employment Plan of the provincial institution managed from the Economic Promotion Area and that has employed 2018 in 205 workers with a budget close to 1.115.000 euros. As for the current Employment Plan, there are no final employability data, however, four plans are now in operation:

1.- DPS PLAN (own funds): direct subsidies of the DPS Plan for municipalities with less than 250 inhabitants and smaller local entities belonging to municipalities with less than 20.000 inhabitants are called, with 350.000,00 euros. 104 local entities have benefited from these grants.

2.- PREPLAN (subsidy from the Junta de Castilla y León): Direct aid from the Preplan for municipalities with more than 250 inhabitants and less than 5.000 is convened, allocating a total budget of 443.821,00 euros. 62 municipalities have benefited from these grants.

3.- ELMET PLAN: 30 forest laborers have been hired to do their own work throughout the campaign.

4.- JOVECYL: direct subsidies to the municipalities of more than 20.000 inhabitants and Provincial Councils, for the hiring of unemployed persons under 35 years and three people have been hired for 6 months, full-time.