Martín Muñoz de las Posadas celebrates the 24 and 25 days of August, with the collaboration of the Diputación, the II Tomato Fair

Martín Muñoz de las Posadas celebrates the 24 and 25 days of August, with the collaboration of the Diputación, the II Tomato Fair

The celebration in 2018 of the first Tomato Fair of Martín Muñoz de las Posadas, organized by the Town Hall of the town with the collaboration of the Tomato Promotion Association of Martín Muñoz de las Posadas and the Provincial Council, was such a success that the Consistory of the The municipality has not hesitated to organize a second edition, which will take place the next 24 and 25 in August and which has been presented this morning in the Courtyard of Columns of the provincial institution.

In the middle of the road towards the achievement of the Collective Brand, the tomato of Martín Muñoz de las Posadas will be the protagonist of a weekend full of activities that were announced by the president of the Diputación, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, the mayor of municipality and provincial deputy, José Antonio García, the deputy of Prodestur, Magdalena Rodríguez, and the member of the Association for the Promotion of Tomato de Martín Muñoz, Valentín Ramos.

"For the Delegation it is very important to provide support to these localities that, through their food, make the Segovia brand grow and be known both in the food sector and in the gastronomic tourism, "said De Vicente, ensuring that" the Identifying a quality product with a territory brings value and recognition to both the municipality and, in this case, to the entire province. "Thus, the provincial institution supports an event, aimed at both adults and minors. , which will begin next Saturday, August 24, with a visit to the 18: 00 hours to the orchards, in addition to a vegetable collection workshop for the little ones.

The tomato stands, as expected, will be open throughout the weekend in the Plaza Mayor and its official opening on Saturday afternoon will give way to the presentation of candidates for the children's drawing contest, to the realization of a workshop of preparation of ratatoute with the collaboration of the Association of Cooks of Segovia and Province and to the celebration of a conference that will take by title 'Origins of the gardeners and their forms of life' in which the gardeners of the town will participate. As detailed by the mayor of Martín Muñoz de las Posadas, at 22: 00 hours neighbors and people who have attended the call will have the opportunity to taste, in solidarity, eggs with ratatouille made with the best tomatoes on earth . In this way, a full stomach will be the best excuse to go dancing the usual songs with the musical performance with which the day will be closed.

On Sunday, meanwhile, it will not dawn too soon in the town and the owners of the stalls, in which the Segovia Food brand of the Provincial will have an important presence with a varied offer, will have until 11: 00 hours to place their products so that they do not go unnoticed by the passage of dulzainas and tamboriles. An hour later, and while the children enjoy the traditional games located on the esplanade of the Cardinal Diego de Espinosa Palace, the Honor Tomato will be delivered to Daniel Gil, the director of Promotion of Castilla y León Televisión in Segovia.

For José Antonio García, the dissemination of this fair is "fundamental", especially for the little ones, taking into account that "many times they don't know where the product they eat comes from." The mayor of Martín Muñoz de las Posadas, in addition, showed his pride that the tomatoes of the municipality are taking "to the central markets and important restaurants of Madrid"; a fact that certifies its quality and that endorses the words of Valentín Ramos, who valued the way to take care of tomato production in this Segovian town.

With a tasting of gazpacho, a tapas workshop prepared by children and a folk music concert by Toño Clavel, an exhibition will conclude that will conclude around the 15: 00 hours with the raffle of several baskets composed of products of the garden and articles of the Food brand of Segovia.

The Collective Brand, for the next campaign

Today's press conference has also served to comment on the progress in the acquisition of the Collective Brand for the tomato of Martín Muñoz de las Posadas, in which Prodestur has been working for months and that, as indicated by the deputy of the agency , Magdalena Rodríguez, is currently in its third phase, the elaboration of the Regulations for the Use of the Collective Brand. The recently formed Association for the Promotion of Tomato de Martín Muñoz, formed by fifteen gardeners, will be the owner of this brand, which will be part of two groups of varieties of tomatoes from Martín Muñoz de las Posadas and Juarros de Voltoya: traditional and new varieties, and within which there will be, on the one hand the tomato and the river tomato and, on the other, the blue tomato, the raf tomato or black leg and the kumato.

As explained by the present, the first works to constitute the brand have been those of product characterization and delimitation of the production area, for which all producers and farms have been visited, surveys have been conducted, technical sheets have been prepared and samples of soil and irrigation water have been taken.

Following these steps already taken, it is expected that the text of the Regulation will be approved next September and that during that same month the Trademark may be presented for registration in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, where Magdalena Rodríguez commented, usually resolve the files in six months, so that, if all goes well, for the next campaign the tomato with its Collective Mark could already be marketed.

This will not be the first own brand in which Prodestur works, which has already contributed to the attribution of the Quality Marks of the farm's beans, Vallelado garlic and Valseca chickpea.