The Diputación proposes different organized routes to know the corners of the province

The Diputación proposes different organized routes to know the corners of the province

Walking the province of Segovia, cycling or riding it on horseback are some of the ways proposed by the Diputación de Segovia, through its tourism agency Prodestur and its Employment, Provincial Promotion and Sustainability Area, to know the Segovian territory, that today were presented by the deputies Magdalena Rodríguez and Noemí Otero.

For years there are several routes that, as part of different projects, are planned for all types of audiences, with the objective, as both deputies of "show to Segovians and citizens of other provinces all the natural heritage that hides Segovia, which is not little and also shows very different depending on the time of year. "

Thus, thanks to the closest proposal, without taking into account the Tourism Weekend that will be held next 5 and 6 in October in the northeast region and that has the offer of horse riding, hiking trails or cultural routes through the yellow, red and black towns, the Segovians who are enthusiastic to walk may be participants in the 'Walk through Segovia in autumn' routes, which also enhance Environmental Education. These, which will begin next Sunday 13 of October with a march through the Hoces del Río Riaza Natural Park and the Montejo de la Serrezuela Park House, are aimed at a population accustomed to the practice of hiking activities, with distances between 10 and 13 kilometers and an approximate duration of four hours. As explained by Deputy Noemí Otero, for a price of 3 euros per appointment that includes the round trip bus, specialized guide and accident insurance, those interested in these routes, whose main attraction lies in walking through these areas of undoubted beauty natural, at the time when its vegetation changes color, you can also know the October 26 the Fresneda de Añe environment, the November 9 the Old River path and the November 23 the municipalities of Arevalillo de Cega and Arahuetes by the stream of Santa Águeda.

As the deputy detailed, in order to participate in these hiking days, which are limited to a maximum number of between 30 and 40 people according to the route, it will be necessary to process the corresponding registrations on Monday 619 705 613 the same week each route is made. For participation in them, the provincial institution requests punctuality? Will the bus leave in all cases at 9: 00 hours from the Plaza de Toros? and recommends the use of appropriate footwear and clothing, sun protection, water and supplies.

From the Greenway to the accessible routes next to the ONCE

Leaving aside the proposal to walk the province in autumn, throughout the year, Prodestur is working hard to strengthen the tourist resources of Segovia, taking advantage of the multitude of variants offered by its landscapes. In this way, Magadalena Rodríguez gave a detailed account of the different initiatives that are either preserved from previous years in Prodestur, or are new bets of the organization, such as the idea of ​​spreading the Greenway, thus promoting the villages for which it runs.

"It has rehabilitated an itinerary that runs from Segovia to Olmedo, divided into three stages of very similar length to have 73 kilometers in total and that can be enjoyed through any non-motorized means, "said Rodriguez, pointing, immediately afterwards, that the first stage covers from the Iron Bridge of Segovia to Carbonero, passing through the Yanguas Station, the second stage comprises from the Yanguas Station, in the Carbonero direction until reaching Nava de la Asunción, and the third and last stage runs between Nava de la Asunción and Olmedo.

Among the most recent proposals of the Prodestur offer are also the MTB and road cycling routes, created with the aim of positioning the province as a reference destination in bicycle tourism, or the sky observation routes, whose excursions It will be reported shortly and that, like the bicycle routes has among its objectives the fact of promoting overnight stays in the Segovian municipalities. And, as the deputy of Prodestur pointed out, "we are aware that in a province like ours, Tourism is one of the most important and sustainable economic activities to fix population and achieve the development of our peoples, so we must direct our efforts to make visitors feel comfortable in our municipalities and have the need to spend more than a day enjoying our cultural and environmental heritage. "

In addition, from the Tourism Agency, which is already finalizing the details for the celebration of the Tourism Weekend, it will continue betting on an already established project, the 'Tourist Tuesday', which coincides with the celebration of the Week of the AIHS cuisine and is aimed at the hospitality sector, with the intention of promoting the knowledge of the producers in the province. In the same way, as Magdalena Rodríguez announced, there will be continuity to collaborations with Segovian groups in order to carry out the development of adapted routes. In March of 2019, the ONCE Foundation was the protagonist of an excursion in which half a hundred participants were able to discover, together with a guide from the Azálvaro Collective, the secrets of the Moros River Gorge.

Finally, and coinciding with the celebration of the festival of San Frutos, Prodestur will organize again the next and last 20 day of October the fifth and final stage of the Camino de San Frutos that began three years ago. The tour will begin in Sebúlcor and, passing through Villaseca, will reach the Hermitage of the Holy One, where, as the deputy advanced, the 'Birdhouse', the diploma accrediting having Completed the way.

As announced by Magdalena Rodríguez, "next year we will start again, touring the other variant of the Camino", giving once again samples of the multitude of trails that run through the province and that, from the various proposals made available to the Neighbors the Diputación, can be known and enjoyed without much difficulty.