The rain does not prevent more than a hundred people from completing the fifth stage of the Camino de San Frutos

The rain does not prevent more than a hundred people from completing the fifth stage of the Camino de San Frutos

More than a hundred people have wanted to complete on Sunday the fifth stage of the Camino de San Frutos, organized by the Diputación de Segovia through Prodestur, on the occasion of the proximity of the festival of the patron of Segovia next October 25.

It was twenty past ten in the morning when two buses facilitated by the tourism agency of the provincial institution arrived in Sebúlcor, a town where a march of more than 14 kilometers began, in which the president of the Provincial Council, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, and the deputy of Prodestur, Magdalena Rodríguez.

Both have accompanied the pilgrims along the entire road, in which the rain has been intermittently present in some sections of the route, but that has not prevented the walkers from reaching the chapel of the Saint with some rain over their coats and backpacks, but with satisfaction that the day would have been better than the weather maps predicted. The majority of pilgrims, faithful to these routes organized since October of 2017, also had the extra motivation to see an itinerary that began two years ago and that today culminated in receiving the 'Birdhouse' - the diploma that accredited them to have completed all the routes proposed? from the president and the deputy, who joked about the high pace set by the first dealers.

Oriented by a guide from the company Valle del Pirón Active Tourism, hikers have left behind the ruins of the village of San Miguel de Neguera and after a few kilometers along the road that leads to the hermitage, they have walked along the Duratón river bank , enjoying, everything that the rhythm and the weather allowed, of the colors of the autumn, that from above made only the sight of the landscape worth the walk.

After three hours of march, the participants in the fifth stage of the Camino de San Frutos arrived at the hermitage, where many of them did not want to miss the opportunity to fulfill the tradition of going through the stone of the Saint; the one that forces to arrive by a very narrow passage, illuminated by a candle, until the stone and to surround it three times with the objective of 'vaccinating' before future illnesses.

Once the rituals have been completed and the credentials of having finished tiredly but successfully the stage have been delivered, the walkers have taken the opportunity to take a snack and pose for a family photo before returning to Segovia, willing to participate in the next march with the hermitage of San Frutos on the horizon; which Prodestur will organize next year to start the second itinerary that leads to the temple.