The commitment of the Provincial for astrotourism will be felt from Thursday in Intur

The commitment of the Provincial for astrotourism will be felt from Thursday in Intur

The commitment of the Diputación de Segovia to promote the sky of the province and use it as a tourist resource will have a new episode in Intur, the International Indoor Tourism Fair to be held in Valladolid from 21 to November 24 and has been object of the press conference offered today by Magdalena Rodríguez at the Casa del Seal.

The deputy of Prodestur has announced the different proposals that have been programmed, accompanied by the mayors of Ayllón, Coca, Cuéllar, El Espinar, Martín Muñoz de las Posadas, Riaza and Sepúlveda; municipalities with which an agreement has been signed to carry out joint actions during the fair, which may contribute to disseminate the tourist offer of these locations. In this way, they will have a prominent presence at the 154 m2 stand that will be provided by the tourism agency of the provincial institution, in which the main attraction will be a small planetarium where visitors can get an idea of ​​how the universe from the corners of the province, through two twelve-minute audiovisual projections, which will happen every twenty minutes.

This installation, as Magdalena Rodríguez has wanted to explain, has a capacity of 25 people and responds to Prodestur's interest in promoting astrotourism, a practice that, in addition to being respectful of the environment, promotes overnight stays in rural accommodation from the province. In relation to this matter, the deputy, who has pointed out that astrotourism has been the theme chosen by Prodestur for this edition of Intur, has emphasized the efforts of the provincial institution to promote this type of tourism and recalled the day celebrated Last week at the Casa del Seal, which brought together more than thirty tourist agents and managers of municipalities in the mountains of Guadarrama and Ayllón, enclaves where they seek to achieve the certification of 'Starlight Destination'.

On the other hand, Magdalena Rodríguez has advanced that the Prodestur stand will be, once again, prepared to host presentations and tastings in the bar area, where wine and beer tastings, pasta tasting, sweets, sausage, honey or French fries, among other products of Segovian manufacturers.

From the 12: 00 hours of Thursday, 21 of November, to the 18: 00 hours of Sunday 24, the tent of the provincial organism will be the scene of more than thirty actions that will include, from the aforementioned tastings and tastings, until performances by the Algarabía de Cuéllar group, El Puntillo Canalla de El Espinar, the dance corps of the Huercasa Country Festival of Riaza or the Coca Music Band, passing through the workshops of the Juan Emilio Cristóbal Martín sepulvedano stonecutter and the Jesus Polo potter Jesus different works of microteatro. In addition, and within the initiative 'Intur Business' organized by the Fair itself, a dozen entrepreneurs in the province has confirmed their interest in keeping appointments and meetings with the different international tour operators who attend this event.

"It is very difficult to concentrate in four days all the tourist potential that the province has, but we believe that we have managed to condense an important representation of the cultural and gastronomic offer that any traveler will be able to find here, depending on the area you visit, "he said. assured the deputy, who also recalled that anyone who comes to the Prodestur stand will have at their disposal all the brochures edited by Prodestur, which contain information on the multiple tourist offer of the Segovian towns and offer a remarkable selection of tourism proposals monumental, active tourism, family tourism, hiking, gastronomic tourism or nature observation, among others.


Every day there will be astrotourism projections at the Prodestur planetarium

Thursday November 21 (Inauguration of the Fair)

12: 00 h Microteatro with the actors of the castle of Cuéllar. During the performance, candy tasting. Pablo Iglesias Bakery. Cuellar

13: 00 h Presentation App. Coca

14: 00 h Wine tasting. Camiruaga wineries. Martín Muñoz de las Posadas + Tasting French fries Las Damas. Riaza

17: 30 h Microteatro with the actors of the castle of Cuéllar. During the performance, candy tasting. Pedro and Ana Bakery. Cuéllar

At noon, Prodestur Segovia Turismo will offer a Segovian wine

Friday November 22

12: 00 h Clandevino Bodega organic wine tasting. Cuellar

13: 00 h Presentation and Tasting of beers of the II Beer Fair of El Espinar and tasting of sausages Eresma. Coke

14: 30 h Presentation of Prodestur Segovia Tourism

17: 00 h Honey tasting Riaza

17: 30 h Tasting of pasta. Martín Bakery. Ayllón

18: 00 h From the Judería de Cuéllar, the Algarabía group arrives with a concert-recital. During the performance, candy tasting. Pastry Delights. Cuellar.

At noon, Prodestur Segovia Turismo will offer a Segovian wine

Saturday November 23

12: 00 h Honey Tasting of the Street. Cuellar

13: 00 h Performance by El Puntillo Canalla. FEMUKA Festival. The Espinar

14: 00 h Performance of the dance body of the Huercasa Country Festival. Riaza

17: 00 h Tasting of typical pastry sweets La Peña and La Panadería de Sepúlveda. Sepulveda

17: 30 h Tasting French fries La Riazana. Riaza

18: 00 h Tasting of Iberian sausages from Vegaseca. Cuellar

18: 30 h Tasting of typical pasta. Coca Confectionery Sweets. Coke

19: 00 h Tasting of different types of honey typical of Ayllón

For the whole day:

Craft pottery workshop. Jesus Polo Cuellar

Participatory workshop by Sepulvedano stonecutter Juan Emilio Cristóbal Martín. Sepulveda

Sunday November 24

12: 00 h Paper: 'Cuéllar, the oldest enclosures in Spain'. During the presentation, tasting of sausages Rodríguez Sacristán. Cuellar.

12: 30 h Performance of the Band. Coke

13: 30 h Tasting of tomatoes by the company of Vegetables José and Lucía Ramos Trigos. Martín Muñoz of the Posadas

14: 00 h Tasting of pork rinds cake. Hermanos García Bakery. Martín Muñoz of the Posadas

17: 00 h FESTEAMUS Festival presentation with microteatro. When finished, tasting sweets. Helio pastries. Cuellar.

18: 00 h Tasting cakes. Las Gemelas Bakery. Ayllón