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V anniversary Opening of the Cathedral Tower


V anniversary Opening of the Cathedral Tower
Jue, 3. October 2019, 19: 30 h - Sat, 5. October 2019
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Theatrical visits:

One of the activities that stand out for its innovative and thematic format are the theatrical visits that will take place on October 3 and 4 at 19: 30 in the tower.

Under the title "One day in the tower of the Cathedral" the theater group "San Frutos" will star in a play consisting of five scenes whose script has been written by the Cathedral guide, José María Rubio. The actors that will accompany the visitors give life to illustrious characters that made possible the construction of the temple and its tower: the manufacturing canon, Juan Rodríguez, and the architect, Juan Gil de Hontañón. Together with these two main figures of the Cathedral, the bellman and his wife will appear on the scene, as well as her sisters and a founding teacher.

The dialogues will be distributed through the different levels of the tower until reaching the bell tower, reproducing both historical and day-to-day aspects inside in a jump until the 40 decade of the last century.

A special function never before performed that will begin with Rodríguez and Hontañón in a dialogue that takes us to the 1525, date of the start of construction, to go up with the attendees to the Audiovisual Room. After this, the bellman, his wife and sisters, already in the House, will develop everyday scenes with which to understand the work of the bellmen or what it was like to live in a skyscraper of the time.

Finally, a lively talk between the bell and the founding master, after leaving a new bell installed in the bell tower, will end the representation in the last visited body of the tower.

The capacity per visit is limited to 40 people and the price is € 5. The purchase of tickets for the performances of Thursday 3 and Friday 4 of October can be done at the ticket office to the temple.

Conference "The voices of the city"

On Thursday, October 10 at 19: 30 Professor Emeritus of the Complutense University of Madrid and author of dozens of books dedicated to the Columbus family, Luis Arranz Márquez, will offer a lecture at the Cathedral under the title "The voices of the city "

In this paper, the professor, who is also a member of the Academy of the History of the Dominican Republic, will emphasize the role of clocks and bells at the civil and religious level and in the late Middle Ages. Clocks and bells that reflect the importance of the cities and symbols that marked and still mark the routine and festivities of buildings and church towers through a rich and varied language.

It will be held in the Chapter Hall and admission is free until full capacity is reached.

Conference "The towers and bell towers of the province of Segovia"

The Official Chronicler of Segovia and Doctor of History, José Antonio Ruiz Hernando, will give a lecture on Tuesday 15 of October to the 19: 30 on the monumental complex of the Segovian towers. Titled "Towers and bell towers of the province of Segovia", the well-known and beloved chronicler of the City will analyze the artistic and technical aspects of the numerous towers and bell towers that the province possesses and date from different periods and styles.

At the same time, it will deepen the functionality and uses of such striking buildings, which, thanks to their height, stand out above the rest of the hamlet of villages and Segovia, making them visible miles away.

Admission is free until capacity is reached and will take place in the Chapter Hall.

II Photo Contest “The Night of the Lady"

On the occasion of the V Anniversary of the opening of the tower to tourism, the Cabildo organizes the second edition of the photography contest “The Night of the Lady”, which in its first call, in December of 2018, had very good reception and participation.

Both professionals and amateurs are called to upload their photos of the Cathedral, with the incomparable setting of the city and its natural environment. The bases consist in that everyone who participates follow @catedralsegovia on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, upload an image of the temple, its interior or surroundings in any of the three social networks with the hashtag #LaNocheDeLaDama and tag us.

Users can participate with their photographs from Tuesday 17 to Sunday 29 in September, both included.

Once all the uploaded images have been compiled, the jury composed of the newspaper photographer El Adelantado, Ángel Kamarero, and the Segovian professional photographer, Oscar Costa, will select the best 15, 5 by social network, which will be announced on Tuesday 1 of October through the different platforms.

The 15 winners will receive as a prize a visit to the upper body of the tower, on the bell tower, closed to tourism and from where a spectacular panoramic view of the city is observed. This unique visit will take place on Saturday 5 in October and will begin at 18: 00 to photograph and contemplate the sunset as well as share this experience and stories of the tower with the organizers of the contest and guests.

5th Anniversary TORRE

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