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Let's go to the theater


Let's go to the theater
Sat, 9. November 2019 - Dom, 24. November 2019
Cinema and theater
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Description of the event

During the days 12 and 13, 26 and 27 October; 9, 10, 23 and 24 of November, and 7 and 8 of December, Titirimundi, together with the City Council of Segovia and the collaboration of Caja Rural, will offer, through its autumn campaign, five shows of renowned theater companies of puppets aimed at children in the Julio Michel Hall of La Cárcel_Segovia Creation Center.

Tickets, at the price of 7 € will be on sale from 3 day at and at the 10 Visitors Center: 00 to 17: 00 from Monday to Saturday and from 10: 00 to 16: 00 Sundays. Also at the La Cárcel ticket offices, one hour before each performance.

As a novelty, Titirimundi will offer a bonus of € 30 for the entire campaign (5 shows) thanks to a Festival initiative to loyalty to the public that attends all the performances.

The weekend of the 12 and 13 of October will begin in the Julio Michel Hall of La Cárcel_Segovia Creation Center "Let's go to the theater", the children's theater campaign that from 2011, and as an extension of Titirimundi for several autumn weekends until almost the celebration of the Festival, has been created together with the City Council and the collaboration of Caja Rural. Five shows that until December will offer small traces of Titirimundi to walk on them and not forget what is important: «That the puppet is a travel companion and is rooted in the deepest part of the human being as a projection of it», says the director of the Festival , Marián Palma. "The puppets live in us and we in them are a bridge between the inner world and what we carry inside and the world of objective reality that we must interpret and re-create," he adds.

Therefore, "Let's go to the theater" is shaped as a campaign that bets on children as men and women of the future under the motto of looking at childhood, because "looking at it is looking at the growing humanity, which reflects us, that ask and trust us ».

For starters, the 12 and 13 of October the company El Retablo, one of the companies that has achieved the most successes in Titirimundi after 20 years, if we talk about the smallest spectators, will bring to Segovia its presumed Ratita. A classic story of children's literature in a fun and crazy version for puppets. Lyrics, songs, formulations, retailers of traditional children's poetry, popular characters such as Antón Pirulero, El Ratoncito Pérez, El Patito Feo, El Lobo Feroz, Bartolo el de la Orquesta, El Señor Don Gato will live in the Sala Julio Michel in a show inspired by the rich heritage of traditional children's literature.

The Segovian company Mutis, which always seeks maximum vitality through emotion and some assemblies wrapped in a beautiful and careful plastic, will offer the October 26 and 27 The Ghost Scarecrow. The spectators will find themselves in a ramshackle farm full of the most diverse and disturbing cachivaches. The old owner has not been seen for days. There are rumors that something strange is happening. A girl enters the farm for secret reasons and a boy accompanies her for an adventure. He will discover what is behind the efforts of his friend, the disappearance of the old woman and the strange phenomena that really happen ...

The month of November will begin with a story of intergalactic friendship: Blip & Lúa, of the Jujurujú company (9 and 10 of November), which was born with the experience acquired in others such as Elfo Theater, El Retal and Román y Cía and combining manipulation of objects and puppets with the musical language, which includes even the rhythm of the claque to company the protagonists. Blip is an alien who accidentally falls on our planet Earth, thus remaining alone and far from his family. While repairing her spaceship she will meet Lúa, a 9 year old girl who will become her new friend. But the "men in black" are close ... They don't have good intentions and want to capture the little alien. Lúa will live the greatest adventure of his life rescuing Blip and helping his new friend to return to space, with his family.

But in addition to space, libraries are magical places. In them you can travel to a thousand places without having to move from the site. And in this bookstore in, two booksellers find themselves thinking about what history to travel today, what readings are the ones that have marked their lives, what stories they remember best… Maybe the classics? Tropos, with 20 years of experience in the world of puppet theater, and which also has an online bookstore around the world of puppets, Puppet Planet, will arrive on November 23 and 24 with a special Snow White in a dose history just of humor and emotion, as always it must have a good classic story.

And to end the quarter, December 7 and December 8 Sofie Krog Teater, on a permanent tour of the world, will come from Denmark to show the powers of the Magician Funestus, who transformed the small into large and the large into tiny. I could play with time and move into the past or the future. But the inevitable came and the circus was orphaned by its creator. The track was kept alive thanks to one of its artists, but pride will shake the masts of the tent. Circus Funestus will put viewers on hold.

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