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San Frutos Parties


San Frutos Parties
Mon, 14. October 2019 - Dom, 27. October 2019
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 October 18

19.00 to 22.00. Magic in Jail. . 6 short-duration shows by the magicians La Cárcel_Segovia Creation Center. With magicians Francis Zafrilla, Lautaro, Raúl Alegría, Nano Arranz, Patri Zenner and Héctor Sansegundo (€ 20 complete circuit). Tickets at La Cárcel from 18.00:20 p.m. Friday, October XNUMX, and on the page of Magic in prison.

19.00h Reading House. Presentation of the book The three piglets by Charo Marcos and María Albarrán. Dervish editorial. Buy book.

19.30h Segovia Cathedral. III Concert tribute to San Frutos, by the Music Unit of the Infantry Regiment 'Inmemorial del Rey', number 1, directed by Lieutenant Colonel Musician D. Fernando Lizana Lozano. Organized by the Association Count of Gazola. Free entrance until full capacity. Donations for the benefit of Manos Unidas.

October 19

19.00 to 21.00. Magic in jail. Galleries of La Cárcel_Segovia Creation Center.

20.30h Segovia Cathedral. Organ concert by Pablo Márquez, organist of the Valencia Cathedral. XXIII Organ Concerts Cycle, organized by the Association of Friends of the Correa de Arauxo Organ.

22.30h Grand Gala of Family Magic. Julio Michel Room. With the numbers with which the magicians Lautaro, Nano Arranz, Patri Zenner and Raúl Alegría have triumphed in theaters around the world. Presented by Francis Zafrilla. Advance tickets, at, and at the La Cárcel ticket office, one hour before the show starts. € 13.50.

October 20

12.00h Reading House. Communicating Vessels Festival. Children's scenic poetry. Magic, poems, games and surprises by the hand of Mar Benegas. Wildly. Family audience since 5 years. Withdraw invitations at the Reading House from the October 10.

18: 00 to 21: 00 Plaza Mayor. Popular party. Come to dance! "You put the dance and we the music." Organized by the La Esteva Dance Group, with the participation of the Free Folk group.

October 21

From 17: 30 to 20: 00. Within the framework of the II Anniversary of the House of Reading, open houses, creativity workshops and stories.

22: 00. In the Plaza Mayor, and waiting for the miracle, Verbena in charge of the Segovian group La siesta de Inés, with Spanish pop versions, ballads and boleros.

23: 45. Courtship of dulzainas from the School of Segovia to the door of the Cathedral.

00.00. At the door of the Cathedral, in front of the statue of the Patron Saint. Prodigious Passage of the Leaf of the Book of San Frutos. The illustration and expression of desire in the Leaf of the Saint will be the responsibility of the admired artist Amadeo Olmos. Once the miracle has occurred, the restorative Sopas del Santo, prepared by the Segovia Cooks Association, will be served. (Donation: € 1 Collection destined to the Deafblind Association of Spain).

Osodrilo, Dj's and Tropijaleo performance. Intercalated with the performances, the Volker Pannes Bird Song Opera video, inspired by Mozart's Magic Flute, will be screened. An audiovisual aria starring our friends and those of the Saint.

October 25

10.00 Main Square. Mycological Exhibition, organized by the Mycological Association of Segoviana.

11.30 Main Square. Ornithological Exhibition, organized by the Ornithological Association of Segovia.

12.00. In the Cathedral, Christmas Carol to San Frutos. Next, Mass in honor of the Saint.

12.45. In the Plaza Mayor, concert by the Banda de la Unión Musical Segoviana, conducted by Francisco Cabanillas. In its course, the Venerable Company of Paso de la Hoja will proceed to the appointment of the Friend of San Frutos of the year 2019, which this year has fallen to the journalist Miguel Velasco. The reading of the romance of San Frutos is entrusted to the journalist Juan Martín Chas. The act will end with the interpretation of the Hymn to Segovia.

20.00 Church of San Quirce. Concert of the orchestra of plectrum and guitar String for a while. Free entrance until full capacity.

20: 30 Carp of San Frutos. with the groups Buffalo Jack, Los gandules and Festival Transgressive (tribute to Extremoduro de Transgresivos and tribute to Platero and you from Platerock)

October 26

Julio Michel Room. Children's theater with Teatro Mutis. "The ghost scarecrow." (+ 5 years). 60 '.

18.30h Reading House. Communicating Vessels Festival. Bertsolari. Documentary directed by Asier Altuna collects scenes from the Bertsolari Txapelketa Nagusia of 2009, as well as testimonies from several Bertsolaris and experts in oral tradition.

20.00h Juan Bravo Theater. IV Sample of Dulzaina City of Segovia 2019. With the groups: Los Guti, from Cuéllar, Los pipers from Estella (Navarra), and Colla Garrofera Borda, from Valencia. Tickets: € 6, for sale at the theater box office. Collection for the benefit of the Segovian Association of Multiple Sclerosis ASGEM. Organized by: La Esteva Dance Group. Collaborate: Juan Bravo Theater.

20.30h Segovia Cathedral. Organ and trumpet concert by Jesús Cabanillas (trumpet) and Javier Santos (organist of the Cathedral of Segovia). Works by Haendel, Corelli, Gabrielli, Purcell and Telemann. XXIII Organ Concerts Cycle, organized by the Association of Friends of the Correa de Arauxo Organ.

23.00h St. Nicholas Church. Sailing Sails, participatory activity of the Municipal Theater Workshop. Come listen and, if you want, tell stories about saints and saints by candlelight.

October 28

12.00h VI Folklore Day organized by the Andrés Laguna Cultural and Folklore Association. Parade from the Church of San Millán to the Plaza del Medina del Campo, where there will be performances by the guest groups and the host. Tasting of typical products of the earth, enlivened with dulzaina and tamboril.

12.00h A magical time, a classic book. Storytelling For boys and girls from 4 to 10 years. Registration at

13.00h Main Square. BTS Opening concert / performance of the XXVII Conference of Contemporary Music of Segovia.


Julio Michel Room. Children's theater with Teatro Mutis. "The ghost scarecrow." (+ 5 years). 60 '.

19.00h St. Nicholas Church. Presentation of the album Musicas de Segovia, with compositions by Fernando Ortiz, published by the City Council of Segovia. With musical illustration of the Audite Vocal and Instrumental Group, the String Orchestra and String Guitar for Free time and Freefolk

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