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Dog socialization walk through Boca del Asno


Dog socialization walk through Boca del Asno
Sat, 23. November 2019
Hiking trails
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Description of the event

Many of the behavioral problems such as fear or aggressive behavior are largely the result of shortcomings in canine socialization.

During the walk, attendees will be taught to make correct presentations and notions of visual communication will be given to improve the quality of interactions.
Two professionals with extensive experience will answer the questions of the attendees.

On Saturday, November 23 at 16: 00 Anut Canine Education in Segovia and La Tejera Canine School will offer a dog socialization tour around Boca del Asno, Valsaín. It will last an hour and a half and the price is 20 euros per dog.

In recent times news of tragic events related to dogs are frequent. Lacks in socialization often translate into problems such as fear, insecurity, barking in frustration and even the appearance of aggressive behavior.

Therefore, during the walk, two professional canine educators will advise attendees on how to make the presentations between dogs correctly, analyze the interactions that occur and explain notions of canine communication. In addition, some olfactory stimulation exercises will be carried out that can be practiced on a day-to-day basis and a round of questions will be asked to answer all questions.

The tour is covered by liability insurance and communicated to the Directorate of the Guadarrama National Park.

Who is it geared towards?
People who want to enjoy a group walk with their dogs through a natural environment.
Dogs that cannot relate to others in their usual environment.
People who want to learn how to improve their bond with their dog. Also learn to read the visual communication of their peers.
Dogs that show insecurity or fear towards other dogs or people.
People who want to meet others who share their interest in dogs and nature.

How to register?
Simply write an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 697 322 727 (you can also contact WhatsApp) and we will offer all the detailed information.

Anut Educación Canina is a company based in the province of Segovia. It offers multiple services: Puppy education, adult dog education, advice when looking for the ideal dog, rehabilitation of behavioral problems (aggressive behaviors, fear, separation anxiety, protection of resources, etc.) and socialization walks.

Escuela Canina La Tejera is a company based in Galapagar (Community of Madrid). It offers services both at home and at its facilities. Basic education courses, puppies, working groups with dogs and various activities related to the canine world.

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