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Titirimundi brings this weekend a story of intergalactic friendship


Titirimundi brings this weekend a story of intergalactic friendship
Sat, 9. November 2019
Cinema and theater
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Description of the event

Tickets, at the price of 7 €, are now on sale at www.turismosegovia.com and at the 10 Visitors Center: 00 to 17: 00 from Monday to Saturday and from 10: 00 to 16: 00 on Sundays.

Also at the La Cárcel ticket office, one hour before each performance

This weekend (9 and 10 from November to 18h.), In the Julio Michel Hall of La Cárcel_Segovia Creation Center an alien named Blip will suddenly fall from space to meet Lúa and all the children who come to see this show that will bring the Jujurujú company.

BLIP & LÚA. An intergalactic friendship story is a puppet play directed to an audience from 6 years. It integrates the language of the manipulation of objects and puppets, acting interpretation (combination of puppets and actors on stage), and musical language - understood from a staging accompanied by original music, sound effects and the integration of rhythm-tap that accompanies the two opposing characters. Beyond our home, our small town or big city, beyond even our province or community, country, continent, there are thousands of civilizations, from beings other than us that we don't know. The different causes us suspicion and fear of ignorance. And if we approach that being who communicates differently and has a different culture, to try to understand him? "We may be surprised to identify that there are universal emotions, that there is a possibility of establishing communication links and even going further, because diversity enriches us," explains the company. A story that addresses diversity, friendship, the ability to adapt to a new place, the acceptance of others, curiosity, adventure, feminism, courage understood as overcoming fears, and also about prejudices, selfishness, rejection and denial.

The Jujurujú company has just been born just a year ago. But he does it with the experience acquired in others such as Elfo Theater, El Retal and Román y Cía and a demonstrable trajectory in the world of the performing arts and, more specifically, in puppet plays and television programs of dolls aimed at a Child and family audience. It is created by Daniela Saludes (playwright, director and theatrical producer) and Eduardo Guerrero (from Tropos Theater and Animated Dolls, with whose character, Fredo Fox made trips around the world with UNICEF).

A union of theater and social commitment to talk and reflect how we integrate other cultures and how a coexistence is possible from understanding and respect.

"Let's go to the theater" is a campaign that bets on children as men and women of the future under the motto of looking at childhood, because "looking at it is looking at humanity that grows, reflects us, asks and trusts us ».

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