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Pino Alarcó exhibits his “photographic blinking” at IE University


Pino Alarcó exhibits his “photographic blinking” at IE University
Jue, 7. November 2019 - Sat, 14. December 2019
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Description of the event

Until December 4, IE University hosts the photographic exhibition "Blink" (blink) whose author is self-taught photographer Pino Alarcó Ubach, a member of the University's Admissions department.

The exhibition is made up of about twenty snapshots, printed on aluminum and canvas, most of them taken with mobile phones, which reflect landscapes of the province of Segovia, which normally go unnoticed in the eyes of the traveler. “The light of Segovia at dawn and dusk never ceases to amaze me,” says Alarcó, who also exhibits a group of photographs taken in the Canary Islands, the natural land of his parents. Specifically, the exhibition includes images taken in Fuerteventura and in the town of El Médano, in Tenerife. The exhibition is completed with snapshots taken in the Ribera Sacra in Galicia and the Alcudia Valley in Ciudad Real.

"Blink" (blink in English) was the title with which Alarcó wanted to frame his first photographic exhibition. “After explaining how a SLR camera works for a ten-year-old girl, she asked me if every time we blinked we took a picture of life; This phrase struck me because it sums up exactly my experiences with photography ”, explains Alarcó to add that“ when life offers us a landscape, a sky or a moment that impacts us because of its beauty, for me it is a compulsion to take the camera or mobile and try to capture what fascinates me so much. ”

Most of the photographs displayed at IE University are taken with a latest generation mobile, while others, which reflect snowy landscapes, are registered with a Canon 1100D, one of the favorite cameras among amateur photographers. "I am amazed at the ease we have now to take pictures: the use of artificial intelligence offered by a mobile phone, or to always carry a professional camera that barely weighs," he emphasizes.

According to Alarcó, one of the biggest advantages of wearing the “activated” photographic eye is that “you are always looking for beauty, and this improves your mood and your vision of life and nature”. In addition, he says, "It is very fun to find the exact point of the frame that best suits you." She confesses that she prefers to take photos when she is alone, because “when I walk I stop every three seconds to take the same photo from four different places, so walking with me is a bore”. In addition, he adds, "the experience of colors, the sky, nature, is more intense because you are focused on taking the picture."

As for the issue of photo editing, Alarcó is inclined to enhance the colors on the computer, "especially if it is for printing on aluminum." “I started using Photoshop more than twenty years ago; at that time the process was practically manual, while it is now very simple to apply a few tools that significantly improve the effect sought in the photo, ”he says.

For Alarcó, photography has become “almost an addiction” and this exhibition is a starting point for future projects. “I love to travel and visit places where Romanesque art is present; I would like to make a photographic series about it, ”he acknowledges, although he also explains that another of the ways“ would be to deepen the black and white portrait, and combine it with literary quotes. ”

Alarcó belongs to the Admissions Department of IE University since its inception, and its work focuses, among other tasks, on maintaining direct contact and addressing the needs of current and future students, and their families. “When I started my professional career I was attracted to the world of media, but always in the most technical part. I was a producer on a local television (Canal 7, Tenerife South) and graphic designer in an English newspaper in Tenerife (Island Connections), ”he explains.

The exhibition "Blink" will remain until December 4 in the space called "La Cueva", one of the two cafeterias of the Segovia campus of IE University, from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 15,00 hours, and Saturdays from 9,00 to 14,00 hours. Subsequently, the sample will be transferred to the town hall of Navas de Riofrío, where the author resides.

"I am grateful to IE University for supporting creativity and giving me the opportunity to make my photography known by opening one of the most unique spaces on campus," he says.

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