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Exhibition: "The gentle world of Eduardo Rodera at the foot of the Guadarrama"


Exhibition: "The gentle world of Eduardo Rodera at the foot of the Guadarrama"
Sat, 18. January 2020 - Sea, 30. June 2020
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Description of the event

The Rodera-Robles Museum presents in its halls of the Casa del Hidalgo the temporary exhibition 'The gentle world of Eduardo Rodera at the foot of the Guadarrama (His look at La Granja, Valsaín and the mountain)', a sample of photos of Don Eduardo Rodera San Frutos, architect of the Rodera Robles Museum.

The photographic exhibition covers some of the streets of La Granja: the "Cuesta de la Maja", the "Valenciana", "Felipe V", the palace gardens, "La Calandria". And the surroundings of the population: the "Puerta del Campo", the cemetery, the new glass factory or the incipient urbanization "Caserío de Urgel"; forever trapping in his chamber the lost activity of the washers of the "Peña del Berrueco" stream; the yuntas of oxen or the barbarians with their loads of firewood back home.
Review annual events such as the processions of the Corpus and the Virgen de los Dolores, the dances, the bulls, the competitions in the 'Polo Field', the merry-go-round of the fair, the giants and big heads, the Jura de Bandera in the camp de Robledo or the incipient and now famous and populous 'Judiada' annual.
The Prairie of Navalhorno and Valsaín: the hamlet, its neighbors, the sawmill, the palace ruins. And you can even be present, thanks to some snapshots of Eduardo Rodera, at the inauguration of the church in 1949.
The Sierra and the country outings. There are many tours through different places near the cores of La Granja, La Pradera and Valsaín. Accessing on your excursions to the most emblematic places: the Mata de la Sauca and Los Chorros in the Peñas Buitreras; The Robledo; Boca del Asno, Las Pasaderas, the Anzolero bridge, the “Cantero” villa, recently demolished; emblematic areas of the “Road of the Royal Fisheries”; the "Cave of the Monk", the Cross of the Galician way of the Source of the Queen; the port of Navacerrada and that of Los Cotos; Peñalara and the Laguna Grande or the port of Morcuera and the source called "de los Moralistas" (Fuente Cossío) .....
The exhibition, made by Juan José Bueno Maroto (Coordination), Juan Pedro Velasco Sayago (Documentation) and Juan Ignacio Davía San José (Assembly) can be visited in the temporary rooms of the Rodera Robles Museum FROM JANUARY 18 UNTIL THE MONTH OF JUNE . FREE ACCESS UNTIL SUNDAY, JANUARY 26. If you want to know more about the exhibition, you can download here the brochure of it.

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