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Storytellers Festival


Storytellers Festival
Mon, 6. Julio 2020 - Dom, 12. Julio 2020
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Description of the event

XXI edition of the Festival of Oral Narrators 2020, will be held from July 6 to 12, of course, it is adapting its format to the current situation and moving it entirely to the gardens of Los Zuloaga (next to the church of San Juan de los Caballeros).

It will have a cast of seven narrators, with different themes on nature, which will be exhibited throughout the week.

On the occasion of Covid-19, the festival will be held under all sanitary prevention measures, with reduced capacity and the dispensing of hydroalcoholic gel.
All actions will start at 22:00 and the symbolic price of tickets, 3 euros, will go to the Red Cross for the acquisition of perishable products that support local merchants to alleviate the effects of Covid-19. Tickets can be purchased from June 26 through and from July 1 at the Visitors Reception Center.

- Monday, July 6: Pablo Albo is a writer marked by his surreal tendency who spends a good part of his time touring schools and libraries as a storyteller. Like a good surrealist, he plays with the absurd and tends to be confused. Humor is an essential part of his narrative shows.

-Tuesday, July 7: Quico Cadaval. Perhaps it is the strongest prop of oral narration in Spain. Gallego, putative son of Don Álvaro Cunqueiro. Theater director, writer and speaker. In his stories, in addition to an overflowing and flowery verbal apparatus, there is always an ethical desire that has made him the master of oral narration.

- Wednesday, July 8: Cristina Verbena. It is a storyteller from Zaragoza who is accompanied by a warm voice and an elegant stage presence. Drink from refined literary sources such as Cortázar or Calvino. Sometimes he intersperses small songs between story and story.

- Thursday, July 9: Diego Calavia. We are before a narrator from La Rioja who works magic while he relates. As we know much of the magic lies in the voice. Calavia does it with the teaching experience, at last, it is a classic that hypnotizes.

- Friday, July 10: Rodorín. Here is one of the puppeteers who, while reporting, uses objects that have a metaphorical attribute added. He usually does it for children, but this time his stories with objects are intended for the adult audience.

- Saturday, July 11: Paula Carballeira. Galician actress, writer and oral narrator. Much of the magic in their stories comes from the ancient Galician world. But also of its narrative strength, its sobriety, its capacity for seduction.

- Sunday, July 12: José Ovejero. We are before a writer who has obtained some of the most prestigious awards in the literary scene. At the same time, he is a writer who tells his own stories. He does it with solvency and sobriety; at last he is also a professional on stage.

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