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Diego's Lope Tablada exhibition


Diego's Lope Tablada exhibition
Jue, 30. Julio 2020 - Sat, 22. August 2020
Cuellar -,
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Description of the event

The exhibition space of the Tenerías space hosts an exhibition by the Segovian painter Lope Tablada Martín, with thirty works, most of them painted throughout 2020, and which has the peculiarity that “it has pictures that speak to each other ». This was stated by the Councilor for Culture, Maite Sánchez, during the opening of the exhibition, in which the author praised the taste with which the work is placed, which is "designed for that to happen", that is, for the works communicate with each other.

Sánchez pointed out that Tablada's works focus on Impressionism, but this is "very different, very current", highlighting the changes in light and color, as well as the changes in time, pointing out that these details have been treated to highlight when starting the exhibition. And it is not only that they have similar lights or tones, but the paintings are also arranged by theme, having a prominent importance and the paintings related to the weather and rain being fundamental, with surprising clouds and even some arches iris after the storm.

Sánchez pointed out that the days and nights and the different times of the year are also linked. "We also wanted some paintings to talk to each other placing them together", adding that furniture is also important in the samples located in Tenerife, so some works are placed on chairs, benches ... He also highlighted the existence of a blanket, present in the exhibition, which has been a donation from an individual and which from now on will be the hallmark of the tannery exhibition space, since it will be present in all exhibitions.

Among the works there is no lack of traditional themes of the author, such as costumbrismo, still lifes, bull running and bulls, still lifes, children, or landscapes of Segovia and Cuéllar. None has a title, because “you see what it is, it has no expiration date. Inside that is impressionism, they don't have to explain it to you », Tablada Martín pointed out. Sánchez also agreed that the theme is very clear, highlighting how the author captures light after a storm, reflections and those moments.

Among the author's works, some stand out for their novelty, since in one of the images in which neighbors are seen walking along the well-known Calle Real de Segovia, many of them already wear a mask. With this, the art of Lope Tablada approaches the current reality. The covid-19 pandemic has also inspired another of the works that can be seen in the exhibition.

In black
Although the paintings seem painted during the time that society was confined to their homes, Tablada Martín pointed out that they have been later, since during those dates he could not paint. "I put a canvas on the easel and I saw it dark, black, and I worried," so she tried again and again and "it seemed that I had forgotten to paint." However, little by little she returned to canvas, oil and acrylic and returned to capture habitual or traditional moments. Tablada recalled how in her paintings she often tries to include the faces and figures of known people. The author also praised the exhibition space of this new exhibition, one of many in which he has brought his work closer to the town, and the fourth in which he takes his work to Tenerife, a place that not only highlighted the room, but also your garden. He also remembered how, as a child, he went to the town with his father, also a painter, especially at the bullfights. Thus, there is no lack of confinement when he reached the Plaza Mayor, or in a composition in which he recreates it in front of the fortress of the Alburquerque castle. Cuellarano art is also reflected in his works, with monuments such as the church of San Martín, the arch of San Basilio and Calle San Pedro. And it is that "I have a lot of affection for Cuéllar," he acknowledged.

The exhibition can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday in the afternoon, from 18:30 to 21:00, until next August 22.

Source: North Castilla Segovia

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