Analysis of swimming pool waters

From December of 2013, RD 742 / 2013 of national character came into force by which the technical-sanitary criteria of water quality and air of the pools whose scope of application are aerosolization vessels / SPAS are established, therapeutic vessels in health centers, leisure pools and water parks.

The RD 742 / 2013 establishes the obligation to carry out monthly sampling of the water and air of the installation periodically.

On the other hand, the different autonomic or municipal regulations may also be applicable.


We offer you:

  • ENAC accreditation according to RD 140 / 2003
  • We are an authorized laboratory for the introduction of results in SILOE.
  • Advice on the parameters to analyze according to the type of analysis.
  • Advice on applicable regulations.
  • Collection of samples.
  • Measurements of environmental parameters specified in the RD 742 / 2013 in situ.
  • Supply of the necessary material for the collection and shipment of the samples.
  • Immediate alert via telephone of non-conforming results.

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