The sixth guided tour of the 'Traveler, I'll teach you Segovia' cycle organized by Prodestur, the provincial council's tourism organization, explored Maderuelo and Languilla last Saturday. Enclaves of medieval origin, attractive landscape, hidden places and Romanesque in its purest form in the northeast of the province whose details were described and discovered by Leticia Hernández and Ana Gómez, the two guides who accompanied the 16 participants on the route.

Eduardo Marcos Quevedo, a resident of Cuéllar, with his work 'Peregrinos en Cauca', a composition made with the castle of Coca in the background, has been the winner of the VI edition of the Prodestur Photography Contest dedicated to the Camino de Santiago. The second prize went to Blanca Pascual Bermejo, from Prádena, with a panoramic titled 'Arriving at Valseca' and Mario Antón Lobo, from Segovia, won third, for a silhouetted photograph titled 'When the sun goes down'.

The deputies of Tourism, Magdalena Rodríguez, and of Sustainability, Noemí Otero have represented this morning the Diputación de Segovia in a workshop on 'Sustainable Tourism in our Territories' that took place within the framework of the first entirely digital edition of the European Week of Cities and Regions (SECR), co-organized by the Committee of the Regions and the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (REGIO) of the European Commission of the European Commission.

The recovery of the tourism sector in the province of Segovia, as an economic engine and population fixation of the municipalities, is one of the essential lines that the Diputación de Segovia is promoting. To this end, Prodestur, the Tourism body of the provincial institution launched the 'Reinvent your Holidays' vouchers for the summer, which offer discounts on accommodation, restaurants and active tourism companies in order to reactivate the tourist movement in the province.

The participants of the fourth guided tour of the 'Traveler, I'll teach you Segovia' program organized by Prodestur, the Provincial Tourism body, were able to see in this last outing the change in the form of architectural construction and in thinking between the Middle Ages and neoclassicism with the trip they made last Saturday morning in Sotosalbos and Trescasas. The official guides Mariano Vela Bautista and Eva Torres de Frutos were in charge of discovering curiosities and details that surprised travelers.

The Prodestur website already houses one of the most ambitious studies of the Diputación Laboratory, the electronic edition of the four inventories from all sources in the Province, which correspond to its four regions: Segovia Sur, Tierra de Pinares, Campiña Segoviana and Northeast Segovia. The works can be consulted or downloaded at this link

The fourth guided tour of the 'Traveler, I will teach you Segovia' program that takes place tomorrow, Saturday, October 3, in Sotosalbos and Trescasas, proposes to check the change in the form of architectural construction and in thinking between the Middle Ages and Neoclassicism. Participants will learn surprising details of these two towns from the hand of the official guides Mariano Vela Bautista and Eva Torres de Frutos.

Two more products will join this year to the foods of differentiated quality of the province of Segovia. After the approval by the Spanish Patent Office of the Regulations for the Use of the Collective Trademarks Tomate de Martín Muñoz de las Posadas and Garbanzo de Labajos, the next harvests will already be able to come out with the quality guarantees of each product.

The eighteen participants of the third guided tour of the cycle 'Traveler I will teach you Segovia' greatly enjoyed the Romanesque art, history, mysterious enclaves, heritage and gastronomy that marked the visit to Fuentidueña and Sacramenia, within this proposal organized by Prodestur, the Tourist body of the Provincial Council. Eva Torres and Raúl Rascón have been the official guides in charge of discovering and telling visitors all the details that these two interesting destinations contained.

Romanesque art, history, mysterious enclaves, heritage and gastronomy are some of the ingredients that make up the visit this Saturday, September 26, to the towns of Fuentidueña and Sacramenia within the 'Traveler, I will teach you Segovia' program organized by Prodestur, the agency Tourist of the Provincial Council. Eva Torres and Raúl Rascón will be the official guides in charge of discovering and telling the participants all the details that these two interesting destinations contain.

Requijada and Pedraza have been the stops that were made last Saturday within the Prodestur guided tours program 'Viajero, yo te teaching Segovia'. On this occasion Leticia González and Mariano Vela were the official guides in charge of discovering to the 18 participants many of the charms and secrets that the destinations chosen in this initiative have designed Prodestur, the tourist body of the Provincial Council.

The Valseca chickpea has met the specifications required by the audits and has just revalidated the Guarantee Mark certification for the second year. In this process, the Segovia Provincial Council Laboratory has once again played a decisive role, by carrying out the tasks of self-control of the brand, documentation management and assistance during the Certification processes. The self-control tasks have entailed an exhaustive monitoring of the cultivation plots, producers and packers by Prodestur technicians.

Requijada and Pedraza will be the next stops in the Prodestur 'Viajero, I will teach you Segovia' guided tours program for next Saturday the 19th. The itinerary of this second route will begin at 11 am in the hermitage of the Virgen de las Vegas de Requijada, one of the most unknown and best preserved Romanesque churches in the area, with its small atrium. A unique opportunity to contemplate the Romanesque frescoes that the temple treasures. Afterwards, Pedraza will be visited, and from the Plaza Mayor there will be a walking tour through Calle Real, the door of the Villa and the old Jail, the Castle of Zuloaga and the Church of Santa María.

The Laboratory of the Provincial Council has concluded the report on the control of water in the public summer pools whose management is entrusted to it by many municipalities in the province and other entities. During the 2020 campaign, it has been in charge of the sanitary control of 24 public swimming pools in the province: Abades, Aguilafuente, Ayllón, Bernardos, Boceguillas, Cabezuela, Cantalejo, Cantimpalos, Carbonero El Mayor, Cuéllar, La Losa, Mozoncillo, Muñopedro, Muñoveros, Prádena , Samboal, Sanchonuño, Sangarcía, Torrecaballeros, Turégano, Veganzones, Vegas de Matute, Juan Bravo Tennis Club and Caserío de Lobones Rural Inn. The number has been reduced approximately by half compared to last year due to the situation generated by Covid-19.

The visit to the towns of Duratón and Sepúlveda, considered to be the Cradle of the Segovian Romanesque, has inaugurated last Saturday the guided tours program 'Viajero, yo te teando te Segovia' that Prodestur has designed in order to enhance and value the work of the official tourist guides of the province, experts who know all its secrets and historical, archaeological, monumental, landscape or museum resources and who are officially qualified to show them.

The Segovia Provincial Council has hired nineteen people to carry out tourism and cultural development activities in the province for six months, seven more than last year thanks to the lines of action framed within the 'ReinvenTa' Plan that is included in the Program ' Segovia, Reactive Province 'of socioeconomic recovery of the provincial institution. Adherence to this Tourism Employment Plan involves an investment of 190.000 euros, 70.000 euros more than last year, of which the Provincial Council contributes 40.000 euros.

The House of the Seal, headquarters of the office of the Tourism body of the Provincial Council, Prodestur, has hosted this morning the presentation of the initiative 'Traveler, I will teach you Segovia', a proposal that, as announced by Deputy Magdalena Rodríguez, "treats to promote and value the work of the official guides of the province, who are good connoisseurs of the secrets of our land and who are officially qualified to show them to us ".

The castles and walls of the province, the events, the natural spaces, all the Romanesque that our municipalities keep, the experiences that our territory offers, the alternative of family tourism that exists in the towns, the life of the Segovian main squares or the The impressive night panorama of the province's sky has already been portrayed by the cameras of many Segovians participating in the contests organized by the Provincial Council in previous years, which, for this 2020 and taking advantage of the fact that 2021 will be Xacobeo, has decided, since its Prodestur Tourism body, that the objectives focus on the Camino de Santiago that passes through the province of Segovia.

The Segovia Provincial Council continues trying to reactivate the province through different measures and, after having already launched many of those included in its 'Segovia, REactiva Province' program, it wants to remind rural accommodation that for weeks they can request the 'ReinvenTa' packs, promoting Alimentos de Segovia, with which to give away the loyalty of your guests.

Among the ways to reinvent tourism proposed by the Prodestur body of the Diputación is to provide information about the towns of the province in a safe and accessible way for all people. For this reason, the provincial institution has wanted to digitize its tourist information and has opted to publish two posters in which, through BIDI and QR codes, travelers will be able to access all the tourist details on a score of municipalities and a dozen of contents thematic.

Reinventing tourism has been the maxim chosen by the Segovia Provincial Council since Covid-19 threatened to destroy the province's main economic and employment engine and, in recent days, encouraged by Prodestur, the institution's Tourism body provincial, there have been several personalities of art and sports linked to our land who have wanted to support this reinvention of the promotional mechanisms of the sector and send messages to their followers so that they do not miss the opportunity to visit the province.

Since 2014, the Prodestur laboratory of the Diputación de Segovia has been monitoring and sanitary control of public swimming pools in the province, and this year the total number of controlled swimming pools amounts to twenty-four. The guidelines for carrying out the work are regulated in RD 742/2013, which contains the regulations that public pools must comply with in reference to water quality, while in the case of indoor pools it also includes air quality. The data obtained provides very complete information on the state of the pools and their evolution in the different seasons.

Within the 'ReinvenTa' plan for Tourism, as part of the 'Segovia, REactiva Province' program, there is, as announced a few weeks ago by the president of the Provincial Council, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, a line of 30.000 euros with which It aims to improve the competitiveness of the tourist network of the province. For this reason, from the tourist agency Prodestur, a free online training has been organized for the next few weeks that aims to serve entrepreneurs in the sector, those responsible for tourism in the municipalities and trainers in this area of ​​the province, to better understand how the advertising strategy works in times of crisis, in order to boost its business and attract tourism.

This last work, which is a continuation of the works "Water Quality of the Natural Sources of Segovia Sur" (2016-2017), "Water in Tierra de Pinares" (2017-2018) and "Inventory of the sources of the Campiña Segoviana ”(2018-2019), collects an inventory of natural sources belonging to the municipalities of the Northeast area of ​​the province of Segovia.

Tourism is one of the sectors that has suffered most from the consequences of the COVID19 health crisis. The province's hotel and catering establishments, catering businesses and activities linked to the tourism sector have seen their activity come to a halt due to the pandemic. For this reason, the Segovia Provincial Council, and within the 'Segovia, REactiva Province' program, has wanted to provide the 'ReinvenTa' Plan dedicated to this sector with different lines of aid that reach the self-employed and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector,

"Naturally the province of Segovia misses you"This is how the new audiovisual campaign of the Diputación de Segovia begins. A campaign aimed at national tourism that, through the Prodestur 'Naturalmente' brand, the provincial tourism body, aims to remind Spaniards that each year they reach the towns of Segovia from different parts of the national geography, that "naturally" the province misses them and that "naturally" asks them to postpone their visit.

The deputy of Tourism, Magdalena Rodríguez has held several meetings this week with representatives of the tourism sector to listen to their demands, show them the support of the provincial institution and inform them of the measures being taken in order to reactivate one of the sectors that contributes the most to the economy of our province. In this sense, Rodríguez transferred to the businessmen the lines that, as explained by the Director, Javier Ortega, in the Autonomous Council of Tourism, are to be followed by the Junta de Castilla y León and the Government of Spain.

Among the programs offered by public television these days is, on TVE's La2, 'Senderos del mundo', a co-production by RTVE and Orange Productions that, in one of the six chapters of its first season, wanted to have the province of Segovia as the protagonist, resorting, for this, to the Film Commission of the Provincial Council, the Prodestur office in charge of matters related to the audiovisual tourism promotion of the province.

The deputy of Prodestur, Magdalena Rodríguez has shown this morning the work that from the Laboratory of the Diputación de Segovia is carried out for the municipalities of the province. Since its establishment in the sixties as a Provincial Agricultural Consortium, until today, as the Agrarian Section of the Prodestur Autonomous Organization, the objective for which it was created has been maintained, "serving as a tool of the provincial institution to support the agricultural and agri-food sector of the province, in order to generate wealth and favor the settlement of the population in rural areas ", as Rodríguez pointed out, who has been accompanied by the head of the Prodestur Agriculture and Water Quality Service, Ana Escorial .

The deputy of Prodestur, The municipality of El Espinar will once again remember and pay tribute to the work of barbarians, making wood and logs, in addition to those who have transported them for years, are the protagonists of a party that will return to count on the collaboration of the Provincial Council and in which gastronomy will also once again play an important role, with the participation of eight restaurants.

As it was announced a few days ago by the deputy responsible for the agency of Tourism of the County Council, Magdalena Rodríguez, one of the great bets of the provincial institution in this sector for 2020 is bicycle touring, which is why Monday, 17 From February, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the Casa del Seal hosts an informative day to which all tourist agents interested in taking part in the promotion of the province have been invited for free. Bicycle as the main claim.

Segovia is a province tailored to any tourist; not only does it have an important historical and cultural heritage, it is also a destination that can boast of nature, gastronomy and activities of all kinds "; Magdalena Rodríguez, deputy of the Tourism body of the Provincial Council, showed this morning, Prodestur, who added that, at present, the tranquility and flexibility that an accessible rural environment can offer or the variety of existing experiences are determining factors for Spaniards and foreigners when choosing a destination

One more year, the Diputación de Segovia has attended the International Tourism Fair, FITUR, which this year has celebrated its 40th edition. These days, there have been thousands of people who have approached the counter that the provincial institution has had inside the stand of the Junta de Castilla y León. Until yesterday, the fair has been aimed at the tourism professional, while the weekend is the general public, the final consumer, who has requested the information.

The International Tourism Fair, FITUR 2020 has been the setting chosen for the launch of the cycle tourism project that the Diputación de Segovia, through its Tourism Area has set in motion to continue delving into the importance of sustainable tourism. As was already done in INTUR with astrotourism, the provincial institution seeks to extol the important tourism heritage that the province has with an ambitious proposal for all types of visitors.

The Diputación de Segovia will be present for another year at the International Tourism Fair to be held at the IFEMA in Madrid from January 22 to 26. The Tourism Area of ​​the provincial institution, through the autonomous agency Prodestur, will bet on this occasion for sustainable tourism development and will show its main proposals at the most important annual event for world tourism professionals.

The House of the Seal welcomes from today noon a day that, under the title 'Project: Soils of Castile and Leon', returns to show the collaborative work that is carried out between the Prodestur Laboratory of the Diputación de Segovia and the Agrarian Technological Institute of Castilla y León, and which has been inaugurated by the deputy of Prodestur, Magdalena Rodríguez, and the head of the Segovia Territorial Unit of ITACyL, Felipe Gómez de la Calle.

The stand of the tourist agency of the Diputación, Prodestur, has lived today its 'big day' within the International Fair of Inland Tourism of Valladolid, in a day in which the institution has celebrated the day of the province with a central event that It took place late in the morning. With the presence of several political authorities of the province among those attending the event, the Vice President of the Diputación, José María Bravo, and the deputy of Prodestur, Magdalena Rodríguez, have spearheaded the presentation of the projects that are being carried out right now in the provincial tourism agency.

The commitment of the Diputación de Segovia to promote the sky of the province and use it as a tourist resource will have a new episode in Intur, the International Indoor Tourism Fair to be held in Valladolid from 21 to November 24 and has been object of the press conference offered today by Magdalena Rodríguez at the Casa del Seal.

After the visits to the province in the last month of different tour operators from East Asia - mainly Chinese, who have been guided and advised by those responsible for Prodestur, the Tourism Agency of the Diputación has changed its look this week towards West Asia, receiving a representation of the best known travel agencies in Jeddah, the second most important city in Saudi Arabia.

As it was certified a few days ago with the winning snapshots of the Prodestur photography contest, the Segovia night sky is one of the province's most potential tourist resources. For this reason, since the Diputación has been working since last year with special interest to spread the beauty and light quality of the Segovian starry sky and to promote astrotourism, a type of tourism closely linked to the growth of overnight stays.

The House of the Seal, headquarters of the tourist office of the Diputación de Segovia, has received this morning the awards ceremony of the fifth edition of the Prodestur photo contest, which with more than thirty participating photographers and after a long and complicated The jury's deliberation crowned the image titled 'Night Rainbow over the hermitage of San Cebrián', by José Benito Trigo, as the best of those presented.

The fifth edition of the Prodestur photography contest already has winners. After a long deliberation of the professional jury, composed of Sergio de Frutos Misis, Ángel Camarero and Diego de Miguel, and chaired by Deputy Magdalena Rodríguez, due to the quality of many of the works presented, the photograph of José Benito Trigo finally won entitled 'Rainbow night' on the hermitage of San Cebrián de Zarzuela del Pinar.