Type: CR **
Address: C / del Sol, 12
Postal Code: 40196
1 phone: 696 649 706
3 phone: 0
Number of rooms: 3
Number of places: 4
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pets: si
Accessibility: no adap


Welcome to Casa Rural del Sol
We hope that your stay in it is the most pleasant, for it, we have created warm and homelike environments, taking care of all the details and thinking about your needs.
For this reason, we also put at your disposal: books, stories, magazines, games, etc. for their use and enjoyment, asking them to be taken care of as their own, so that the next traveler finds them in optimum condition.

In addition to the house and its content, in its surroundings it extends and develops a cultural and natural heritage, spectacular, which is joined by an outstanding cuisine, being able to taste in the restaurants of the town, traditional cuisine, author and typical Segovian menus, having as protagonist the lamb and the suckling pig.

We are located NW of the walled city of Segovia, just two kilometers away and separated from it by the valley of the river Eresma that is part of the green belt that surrounds it. If you like to walk through its valleys, it will take you to the center of the city, delighting you from the hermitage of San Roque with its exceptional panoramic views of the old city of Segovia.

In February, the Fiestas de Santa Águeda, occupy a prominent place in the calendar of the heritage of the immaterial, known beyond our borders for its ancestral, anthropological and vindictive aspect.

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