Type: Tourist Apartments
Address: Plaza Mayor, 6
Postal Code: 40520
Population: AYLLÓN
1 phone: +921 553 029 XNUMX
2 phone: +690 216 552 XNUMX
3 phone: +616 451 768 XNUMX
Number of rooms: 3
Number of places: 12
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pets: No
Accessibility: Without elevator


Welcome to our Tourist Accommodation!
La Alborada Medieval has 3 modern apartments located in the Plaza Mayor of Ayllón, where comfortable equipment meets a medieval setting, in a house of great architectural charm.
Comfort in a privileged place: the Plaza Mayor de Ayllón
A few 70 minutes from Madrid are the medieval La Alborada apartments, in the Plaza Mayor de Ayllón, where the view scales through the singular beauty of the arcades, the churches of San Miguel and Santa María la Mayor and the crenellated tower of La Martina, while listening to the whisper of the four-spout fountain that serves as the center of the Plaza.
The main access to the medieval Alborada is through the medieval Arch that rests next to the Aguisejo River, which serves as a passage to the Plaza Mayor de Ayllón.
Access our apartments, in the Plaza Mayor de Ayllón:


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