Type: HR. ***
Address: C / Daoiz, 7
Postal Code: 40003
Population: SEGOVIA
1 phone: 921 466 095
3 phone: 921 462 777
Number of rooms: 22
Number of places: 42
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Located in the historic center of the city of Segovia, the Don Felipe Hotel has a privileged location within the Canonjías neighborhood, a unique example of Romanesque civil architecture in Europe, where the canons of the cathedral council lived in the Middle Ages.

From here, you can establish the ideal starting point to know the charm that our city, World Heritage Site, treasures, touring its old corners and entering the inner magic of its most representative monuments: at 200 meters you can visit the castle-fortress of the kings of Castile, Alcazar de Segovia, fairytale palace, headquarters of charms and disenchantments of the nobility, defensive bulwark that treasures between its walls cracks of the main episodes of the history of Spain, as well as representative archaeological vestiges of the time of its first inhabitants.

We can still fly our imagination when leaving this hotel in Segovia and visualize Queen Isabel La Católica leaving the fortress on the way to the Plaza Mayor to proclaim Queen of Castile, swearing fidelity to the people and their privileges. This will be our next destination, the Plaza, to admire its arcaded galleries, and above all, the Cathedral, the well-known Lady of the Cathedrals, exemplary worthy of contemplation and last in Gothic style built in Spain. From here, descend through the main artery of the old town, Calle Real, entering the Jewish quarter with its synagogue, admiring the Renaissance palaces with their dream galleries, their fortified towers; contemplating the incomparable features of the Romanesque in our churches with unique towers and porches, worthy of the time in which they were built. Thus, walking, you will arrive at the Plaza del Azoguejo, where you will be amazed to observe the Roman Aqueduct, an impressive work of hydraulic engineering, with which we will experience a sensation that is rarely felt in Rome itself.

Fatigued by a long and intense day, choose to enter one of the many restaurants in the city, and you will see why the fair international fame of our cuisine, and its recognized excellence.

Resume your visit to the city outside the walls, bordering the bank of the river Eresma and Clamores, spiritual and monastic places, native vegetation, admiring splendid Segovia on top of the rock, bordered by its imposing hidden wall between the thicket.

Opened in the year 2010, this hotel in Segovia, has modern and comfortable facilities, so that our clients are in an atmosphere full of charm, in which they can experience the feeling of being in their own home, when not better.

The dependencies of our hotel in Segovia, are unique and cozy, comfortable, spacious, current, with fantastic views, all complemented by the kindness and generosity of the work team, which will make your stay unforgettable.

Our hotel in the center of Segovia is from Ávila to 67 kilometers, from Madrid to 87 kilometers, from Valladolid to 110 kilometers, a factor that will allow you to complement the exceptional and monumental visit to our city, with that of the surrounding provinces.

We also want to become a reference in Segovia hotels for travelers from all over the world, who can access from Barajas airport and settle in just over an hour in this prodigious Hotel, which will not disappoint your expectations.

Also, the high-speed train will leave you at the gates of the city.

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