Type: HSR. *
Address: C / San Vicente El Real, 27
Postal Code: 40003
Population: SEGOVIA
1 phone: 921 443 225
Number of rooms: 4
Number of places: 6
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In the valley of the Eresma, in front of the convent of San Vicente, where the landscape of Segovia becomes poetry and delight for the senses, is the Huerta de San Lorenzo, a unique place in the City for its location and philosophy.

An authentic medieval garden, as a productive garden, surrounds the Center for education and agro-ecological tourism, with lodging and restaurant service. A privileged place, with magnificent views of the city, the Cathedral and the Alcazar.

In La Huerta, very good vibrations flow, which are felt just after crossing the threshold, the same ones that emanate from the owner - training biologist, environmental educator by profession and gardener at heart - who has been able to recreate a micro paradise - a island of peace - in this very different space, assuming a personal commitment to respect the environment.

The accommodation has cozy rooms, a large lounge - dining room that is also a small exhibition on the Segovia horticultural culture, where workshops, monographic courses or meetings on environmental and natural health issues are held.

The Garden of San Lorenzo 1

The Garden of San Lorenzo 2

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