Type: HSR. **
Address: C / Infanta Isabel, 13 1º A
Postal Code: 40001
Population: SEGOVIA
1 phone: 921 460 198
Number of rooms: 10
Number of places: 18
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With the resurrection of Fornos, one of the oldest and most literary hotels in Segovia is reborn. The most prominent visitors of the Segovia of the beginning of the century slept in their rooms. Ramón y Cajal, Unamuno or Jacinto Benavente or the former sultan of Morocco, stayed at the Fornos hotel, which was also a meeting point of the city where the "high society" or intellectuals held parties and banquets. Now, the hotel has risen as a hostel, with a restoration that recovers the bohemian, artist and elegant spirit of yesteryear.

The buildings are part of the most apparently lasting and yet flimsy memory of the city. This has always been there, in the center of the city, in the street Infanta Isabel. In the first decades of the century it was one of the largest and most prestigious hotels in Segovia, which responded to the sumptuous name of Gran Hotel Paris-Fornos.

One of those hotels that at the beginning of the century were one of the centers of public activity, especially the cultural one, in its halls the bubbling social life of the time developed, with dances and other niceties with which our grandparents entertained.

Then came the forgetfulness and its definitive conversion into private floors. But the spirit of Fornos was asking for a resurrection. And the resurrection came from the hand of Quique and José Santana, who did everything possible to rebuild not only the space but also the spirit of that hotel, which today became a luxurious hostel run by Rosa Sancho.

Although the architectural details had virtually disappeared, the new Fornos hostel retains the structure of a wing of the hotel, which in its good days occupied the entire block.

In addition some details have been preserved such as the interior steel columns (very similar, by the way, to those that can be seen in the Juan Bravo theater) and, of course, the entrance door, with its interior hinges and glass included, a Extraordinary piece of carved wood with modernist style ornaments.

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