Type: Accommodations - H. ****
Address: C / Juan Bravo, 30
Postal Code: 40001
Population: SEGOVIA
1 phone: 921 462 663
3 phone: 921 462 657
Number of rooms: 37
Number of places: 62
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Ideal and charming

Located in the center of Segovia, the Hotel Real Segovia is the ideal place to relax and go sightseeing from our privileged location, next to the Cathedral and the Aqueduct.

Services that make us unique

Our hotel has been completely renovated, maintaining that exquisite taste of the 50 years that distinguishes us. Book in one of the rooms where Hollywood actors from that era like Sofia Loren stayed and feel the glamor of the stars.

Hotel Real Segovia and the cinema

There are many stories and memories that keep the walls between which you are right now. The Hotel Real Segovia was once the first luxury hotel that opened in Segovia, then called 'Gran Hotel Las Sirenas'. Its opening took place in 1952, driven by the large number of film shoots that began to develop at the time.

In our rooms we have hosted personalities such as Sofia Loren, who requested to remodel her room to her liking and had two of the rooms communicated for use as dressing room and office. Sofia stayed here on the occasion of filming films like 'Pride and Passion' (1957) or 'The Fall of the Roman Empire' (1964). Between the walls of our warm facilities the friendship relationship was established, which, it is said, touched the romance between the Italian actress and Cary Grant.

Just opened in June of 1952, the hotel was attended by the mythical actress Joan Fontaine during the recording of 'Three love stories'. It was the first foreign filming of a fiction feature film in Segovia. Many of the scenes were recorded in the same square of San Martín, located just in front of this establishment.

There have also been numerous figures of Spanish cinema that went through the Gran Hotel Las Sirenas, including Carmen Sevilla, in 1957, on the occasion of the recording of 'Adventure for two'. Numerous scenes from this movie were shot in the Plaza Mayor.

But not only have great screen personalities stayed here, but also great music professionals like Leopold Stokowski (1956), considered one of the best orchestra conductors of the 20th century; the great pianist Antonio Iglesias (1956), or María Robles (1957), great harp concertist.

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