Type: PO ***
Address: Plaza de Santiago, 7
Postal Code: 40370
Population: TURÉGANO
1 phone: +921 500 831 XNUMX
2 phone: +921 500 027 XNUMX
Number of rooms: 8
Number of places: 14
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The inn was born in 1902 when our grandparents settled in Turégano, a prosperous and commercial town at the beginning of the century, buying an old house from the mid-19th century. XVIII and transform it into what was then a tavern-inn where the travelers of the stagecoaches rested, ate and slept. They also sold products such as oil, flour, cod, wine in bulk in carafes ...

In what is now the tavern, there were two tables running, with four stools, where merchants, muleteers, vendors ate together. On the upper floor was the old low-fire kitchen, a living room and five rooms that had a bed, a small table, a sink with a jug of water to wash up, a bucket for drainage and a potty. Where there is currently the dining room were the parking garages and in the place that now occupy the kitchen and bathrooms were the stables where horses, donkeys and mules were left.

Then Grandma Eugenia and then her daughter, Grandma Victoria, cooked cod with ajoarriero, the most typical dish of Turégano and which we continue to make as in the past.

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