Type: Rs. B ***
Address: 601 motorway, Km 57
Postal Code: 40200
Population: CUELLAR
1 phone: +921 140 368 XNUMX
3 phone: +921 140 676 XNUMX
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 On the north shore of the Sea of ​​Pinares, very close to Cuéllar, is located the hotel complex "Florida", linked to the history, art and nature that surround and enhance the town of Cuéllar.

Our journey began the year 1959. In that year at the end of the San Francisco Walks, our father Leopoldo Casero began his journey in the hospitality in a house inside the farm "La Alegría", specializing in weddings and banquets. Later we moved to Huertas Street where we expanded the premises while consolidating the business to from there take the leap to where we now find Navalcanto.

Our restaurant has for its customers a creative menu with a symbiosis between tradition and innovation in which traditional products of the region are combined with avant-garde and seasonal cuisine, giving rise to a cocktail of magnificent results.

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