Type: Rs. B ***
Address: C / Camilo José Cela, 2
Postal Code: 40200
Population: CUELLAR
1 phone: 921 140 009
2 phone: 921 142 067
Number of rooms: 41
Number of places: -4
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Information about the restaurant:

In our gastronomy we always look for the best quality in the raw material taking full advantage of the products of the own garden of the area (chicory, mycology, vegetables of the garden, meats,… ..) to offer a kitchen that fuses the tradition Castilian and the new elaboration techniques with recipes incorporated by our kitchen team.

Each menu change includes dishes that bring out a varied and exquisite cuisine with pillars: the mycology, the products of the garden and a careful homemade pastry; and that coexist, of course, with our roast suckling lamb in the centenary wood oven.

The 4 rooms, of different capacities, and all of them air-conditioned, are spacious, warm, bright and equipped with a careful and chic decoration that combines modernity with select pieces from the family collection of antiques, all of them are unbeatable spaces to celebrate All kinds of events and meetings.

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