Type: VUT - House
Address: C / Perales, 8
Postal Code: 40420
1 phone: 606 993 340
2 phone: 606 993 715
Number of places: 21
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The ecological rural house, La Morada de la Luz, is a different, natural and simple place, where you can stay by sharing with your family and it is also a retreat center (see website).

Dedicated especially to people sensitized to nature, who like to stay in a place where environmental and energy pollution is minimal and every detail has been taken care of so that everything is oriented, equipped, painted and built with materials as natural as possible. Where there are spaces for different types of activities, rest and inner peace, to everyone's taste.

A wonderful place where you can connect with the rhythms of nature, be able to observe the sunrise, the fascinating sunsets with all its beautiful colors, the night with all the starry sky, each season has its wonderful charms, the sounds and colors of nature at the same time as the characteristic silence of the place. The house is surrounded by oak forests and streams where you can walk, run or play.

La Morada de la Luz is located 10 km from Segovia and 80 km from Madrid, in the beautiful town called Las Navas de Riofrio, at the foot of the dead woman's mountain, in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.

The whole house is built as our second skin, so all the materials with which it has been built are designed to transpire, from its insides with black cork insulation, to its clay cladding. The paints are ecological and the wood and soil treatments are also ideal for people with allergic or respiratory problems. (Keep reading)

Our furniture is basically natural wood from sustainable forests. At night you can turn off the satellite connections with the push of a button and sleep without interference, if that is your wish. The house was built based on the principles of architecture (Vastu Sastra), feng-shui and geobiology, and has the form of yantra. It is oriented according to the compass rose (cardinal points) and inspired according to the principles of Vastu Shastra and Feng-Shui. The elements coincide with the cardinal points as well as the corresponding colors with each of them. The energy felt in the house is special, we invite you to feel it.

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