Type: VUT - Chalet
Address: Camino Rebollos Altos s / n 3
Postal Code: 40162
Population: CEGUILLA
1 phone: 646 625 522
Number of places: 20


Each season is special. Of course, in Rincon de Lu, you will always find the same: countryside, cows, nature, relax, more countryside, incredible views, peace and more countryside!

WINTER: Waking up with a beautiful white cloak is not wasted.

Warm up and go out and play with the snow. Make a snowman in the garden or take the sleds in the house and slide your way down. If you want more excitement, the Navafría cross-country ski circuit is spectacular.

Inside the house, you will not go even cold. The powerful heating system will make you feel at home. If you prefer a more homemade plan, you can always plug a movie for the kids in the Bosé home cinema in the living room above, and throw them on the carpets: or bine that they play football or any of the entertainment they have in their living room. ..

SPRING: Our little house is designed to make these spring days unforgettable.

The children of the house can play in the garden, on the road or in the little field. If you prefer to stay at home, the living room above is yours: floor full of carpets, sofas, table and chairs to draw and paint, slate, kitchenette, Home Cinema Bosé, board games, children's table football, children's pool, rocking horse, booth and fabric tunnel, etc.

Meanwhile, the elderly can enjoy the lounge below: sofas, bar furniture full of all kinds of glasses and cups, stereo (auxiliary connection minijack), etc. Calm down, the kids are entertaining ...

If you venture out, warm up and enjoy the campito. You can take a walk around the path that leaves the door of the house, go down to the river in 10 minutes walk or take the car and take the opportunity to visit Segovia or Pedraza.

For the most sporty, the area is full of mountain biking, trail running, kayaking in the Hoces del Río Duratón, balloon flights in Segovia, etc.

SUMMER. Hot during the day and fresh at night. Ideal. Queber gas barbecue (the best on the market), small pool ideal for dwarves and lots of entertainment in the garden (trampoline, swing, slide, etc)

A must visit to the Natural Pools of Chorro de Navafría. It is a simply spectacular place. Night walks on the hunt for gamusinos are always welcome ...

AUTUMN: time of contrasts. More or less hot days and nights rather fresh. Ideal time for kicking. Leave the house and take the route that starts at the farm gate itself. Literal. It takes you to the river and will take you to lose yourself on that beautiful Segovian hillside full of colors: brown, green, ocher, etc. Take the opportunity to collect leaves.

Segovia and Pedraza are always very good options to visit. In addition, you can order a piglet or a lamb and take it home (you can heat it in our extra-wide oven). Afternoons of movies and reading, while the dwarves have fun in the garden.

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