A short distance from Domingo Garcia is the town of Bernardos, where an extraordinary fortification of late Roman times is preserved, in the place known as Cerro de El Castillo.


The Hill of the Castle

The widespread insecurity suffered by the inhabitants of rural areas during the last years of the empire was, without a doubt, one of the causes that caused the Hispano-Romans living in the Eresma valley and the surrounding areas to renounce their traditional way of life, so that towards the 5th century AD, they would concentrate in this place, of marked strategic character and whose excellent possibilities of defense were improved by means of the construction of a powerful stone wall, of more than three meters of width, and reinforced in addition with semicircular towers in all its perimeter.

The measures should not have been as effective as their builders were and, after the invasion of the Visigoths, the place continued to be used, apparently without interruption, throughout the Visigothic period and, according to the archaeological data, by the Arabs in the early stages of the invasion, at which time important changes are made in the walls.

Throughout several years of archaeological work, one of the canvases of the wall has been uncovered, oriented towards the valley of the Eresma, where the old Roman road ran safely. On this wall a simple door opens, flanked and defended by two powerful towers. The whole sector has been restored and conditioned to allow the visit of this part of the archaeological site. In addition, the Bernardos Town Hall can be visited a small educational exhibition on the site.


Access and conditions of the visit
  • The path to the site starts at the Bernardos Town Hall Square, where it is signposted.
  • The visit is free. In the premises of the Town Hall, there is a small exhibition in which the most outstanding characteristics of the Site that is subject to visiting hours are explained.

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