In Fuentidueña you will find a cemetery of the High Middle Ages, in perfect condition and endowed with excellent structures that allow access for visitors and a comfortable tour of the necropolis.

Next to the ruins of the church of San Martín, on the top of the hill that overlooks the town of Fuentidueña, there is an old Early Medieval cemetery, which is preserved around a hundred graves carved into the rock, anthropomorphically .

The chronology of this type of cemeteries could be between the tenth and eleventh centuries, in early medieval times and at a time of expansion of the old county of Castile on the Arabs, established on the line of the Duero. The graves are oriented in all cases from west to east, so that the face of the deceased was directed towards the sunrise. The body was deposited directly in the hollow, possibly wrapped in a simple shroud, and without trousseau elements in almost all of the occasions.

In relation to the Arab world in the high Middle Ages, reference must be made to the door of the wall of Fuentidueña located next to this archaeological site, whose technical and constructive characteristics refer us clearly to the time of the Arab architects, if The detailed investigation of it and of the nearby wall canvases is pending.


Access and conditions of visit
  • From the town of Fuentidueña, following the path of the castle to the ruins of the church of San Martín.
  • The visit is free.

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