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Postal Code: 40569
Population: GRAJERA
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At Grajera Aventura we have an area surrounded by nature divided into 5 totally natural play areas where you will have the feeling of living a real adventure.

Paintball is practiced all over the world by people of all ages where the main objective is to spend a fantastic and hilarious day. Form groups with your friends and face each other is the most usual.

In addition, we prioritize security and personalized attention in terms of suit and weapons. It is one of the most requested activities due to its level of reality and we want everyone, both children and adults, to have a good time and have fun to the fullest.

In Grajera Aventura Paintball is played with 2 equipment equipped with a monkey (different color per team), a mask that protects the face, eyes and ears, gloves, protective breastplate and a marker powered by CO2 or compressed air.

These markers shoot balls of "paint" that on impact break, leaving a stain. This "paint" is completely biodegradable, non-toxic and washable. Exercise, contact with nature, strategy, team play and above all the adrenaline rush and good humor are combined.

From 14 years with parental authorization.

Minimum groups of 8 people.

Duration: 3 hours approximately.

Tips: Spare clothing and shoes with a strong sole (mountain boot type).

22 € / person (minimum 8 participants), the price includes:

  • Monkey of different color per team
  • Protective chest and back protector
  • Neck protector
  • Gloves
  • Integral mask
  • Semiautomatic Marker
  • 100 initial balls


Yellow Humor

Do you want to laugh out loud? Welcome to the original world of HUMOR YELLOW, a fun Gymkhana with exciting and original tests. If you want to have fun like you never choose this activity that Grajera Aventura offers you.

The objectives to be met are:

  • Each participant will perform the proposed tests and will get points for your team, you will have to combine all your skills, fun is assured.
  • It is a party activity for both adults and children, perfect for a bachelorette or single, birthday or any other celebration.
  • We have numerous tests, you can enjoy activities as demanding as fun. Learn to work as a team through our unique and original tests for you and your friends.

We play in a natural and outdoor area where you can find all kinds of tests, we describe them:

    • Human bowling. Ingenious game to test your aim, but it will not be so easy because the bowling is very alive.
    • Gladiators. Try to knock down the opponent by hitting it, it may not be as easy as it seems since you will also have to hold the balance.
    • Blind fists. Throw yourself to walk our trunk while your friends try to knock you down with punches although it will not be easy with your eyes covered.
    • Human Foosball. Divided into two teams you will play to score your opponent's goal, although it will not be so easy, since you can not move around the field with total freedom.
    • Worms. Cooperative game of speed and skill, only the joint effort will make you win the opposing team.
    • Sumo wrestlers. Get ready to take a few extra kilos and with that extra load, try to take your opponent off the mat before he pulls you out.
    • Burgers. one of the funniest activities, you'll have to get raisins jumping on hamburgers without falling down until you reach the end.
    • Giant Boxing. We provide you with original boxing gloves in order to bring down your opponent.
    • Wrecking ball. Dare to challenge the other team and hold your balance before the ball knocks you down.
    • Horse race. It will not be so easy for you to advance with them, the one that before you reach your goal will win.
    • Tangram. one of the tests of ingenuity, in which teamwork is very important.
    • American track. Impressive American track in which to climb, crawl and twist will be key pieces to be able to reach the end.

All activities are developed at all times with monitors and are sized according to age. Safety is a priority.

We comply with current regulations in relation to summer camps and we have Accident Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance.


Includes: Human Bowling, Gladiators, Blind Fists, Human Foosball, Giant Boxing, Tangram, Demolishing Ball and American Track.

Duration: 2 hour approximately.


Includes: Sumo, Human Bowling, Gladiators, Blind Fists, Human Foosball, Giant Boxing, Horse Racing, Tangram, Demolishing Ball and American Track.

Duration: 2h30 approximately.


Includes: Sumo, Burgers, Worms, Human Bowling, Gladiators, Blind Fists, Human Foosball, Giant Boxing, Horse Race, Tangram, Demolishing Ball and American Track.

Duration: 3 hours approximately.



The miniquads are small replicas of the Quads for adults, they are powered by gasoline and is the best way to start the little ones in this exciting world.

The activity is completely safe, the children wear a full helmet and are watched at all times by a monitor.

Mini-Quads is an activity aimed at children.

    • It is not necessary to have a previous level to carry out the route
    • Age: from 5 to 11 years.
    • Tips: Comfortable shoes

Mini-Quads Circuit 15 € / 15 minutes.

Adventure Grajera


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