Type: Family adventure park, with zip lines, Tibetan bridges ...
Address: Carretera Cuéllar - Arévalo, SG-342, Km. 21
Postal Code: 40442
Population: SAMBOAL
1 phone: +651 395 579 XNUMX
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


La Riberita in a family adventure park, with zip lines, Tibetan bridges and fun team games among the trees, so that children and adults can have fun together. The Riberita is on the banks of the Pirón River, which provides the park with freshness and greenery in the hot summer days. 

The "Children's Circuit" intended for children over 4 years. It consists of 11 fun bridges (the duck climbing wall, bridge puddle, bridge combas, zigzag bridge, rocker bridge, Tibetan bridge, monkey bridge, climbing wall, mushroom bridge, divergent bridge, bridge of logs) and from 7 ziplines up to 30 meters long. 

The "Circuito en Altura" is for all audiences, both children and adults, from 10 years. It consists of 9 vertiginous bridges (stairway to the sky, crazy bridge, 4 monkey bridges, repetition bridge, bridge in descent, scale to the ground) and 6 ziplines up to 50 meters. 

Multiaventura are team games that are designed for all audiences, as long as they exceed the 1,30 m height. There are three: for those who seek adrenaline, the "Giant Swing"; for those who have cold blood, the "Cucaña" and for those who like teamwork the "Ladder for Two". 

Facilities and surroundings
La Riberita is next to the Terencio Merendero, a traditional wood-fired rotisserie, with more than 40 years of experience and specialized in the roast of par (duck). Its facilities and services can be used by the customers of La Riberita and vice versa. In this way both facilities complement each other and our customers benefit. 

The most significant of the surroundings closest to La Riberita is the Pirón, a small river where the little ones can play and bathe without any danger, since it has hardly any depth in the summer months. Despite being a small river, it is home to a great biodiversity, since its waters come from fresh and crystalline springs in these months, ideal for crabs, fish, water snakes (harmless), etc ... all of them visible if you decide to give a walk through its bed. 

In the surroundings we find the "sea of ​​pine forests", ideal for hiking or biking trails and, above all, for the search for mushrooms in autumn, where the níscalo (Lactarius Deliciosus) predominates.


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