Type: Tourist route becomes a cultural experience
Address: Plaza del Trigo, 6
Postal Code: 40300
Population: SEPÚLVEDA
1 phone: +921 540 237 XNUMX
2 phone: +617 514 619 XNUMX
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pets: Si
Accessibility: Depending on the type of routes


En Sepúlveda Viva we aim that a tourist route becomes an exciting, didactic and quality experience. Culture and entertainment hand in hand to promote, disseminate, protect and energize the natural and cultural heritage that surrounds us.

Through our theatrical visits we offer a service that integrates history and theater and has an exceptional setting, the Villa de Sepúlveda.

How was the conquest of Sepúlveda by Count Fernán González ?, What relationship did Isabel la Católica have with the town? What would you do if you were suddenly approached by a passionate "studious" stuck in 1900? Discover it in the theatrical visits. From the hand of a guide you will enter the history of Sepúlveda and when you least expect it, alguaciles, knights and nobles will surprise you in monuments, streets and corners of the town, and immerse you in a world of wars, loves, rogues . Theater and history to enjoy Tierra del Fuero.


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