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Company dedicated to carrying out activities in nature since the 2005 year, among which our flagship products are interpretive trekking and ornithology - birdwatching.
We also take you to know our agrotourism, an educational activity for families with children, curious and lovers of rural tourism. Or to visit the Shear Ranch of Cabanillas del Monte, building declared of Cultural Interest, in which we will move to the golden age of transhumance and the wool trade, engines of Castilian industry for centuries.
"To know to conserve" is a motto that from our company we follow in all the activities. Therefore, one of our most important lines of action is the school of naturalists with environmental education workshops and knowledge of the environment with which we intend, in a practical way, that participants value everything that surrounds them.
We are a team formed by biologists with years of experience, creative, demanding and professional people who think that each job is not the same as the previous one. Each project is different and must be customized for our final client and user.

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