Type: Hiking combined with activities and games
Address: C / Pozo Arriba, 2
Postal Code: 40441
Population: MIGUELAÑEZ
1 phone: +921 566 242 XNUMX
2 phone: +659 422 522 XNUMX
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rutas con Corazón is an active tourism company specialized in trekking combined with activities and games for all ages.

Our story begins at the end of the s. XIX when the chocolate tradition arises in Migueláñez, town of the Segovian countryside. It dates from the 1946 year when the Herranz family has the need to expand the business in Migueláñez, and builds the current HERRANZ Chocolate Factory. The chocolate to the cup is along with the chocolate with whole almonds the ones that more fame accumulate until today. Herranz chocolate is still sold with the same packaging of yesteryear.

The factory was in operation until 1998, the year in which production moved to the factory they had in Avila. In 2009 they offered us the factory with the aim of trying to perpetuate the traces of our chocolate tradition. And we accept the challenge!

Our desire from the beginning is to keep it in the best conditions, and little by little we clean the machines and installations that had not been used for more than a decade. Leaks and normal side effects begin to be visible from having the facilities closed. If we add to this the encouragement that the clients of the rural house give us so that we can start actions and restore a building with a deep meaning in the area and the province.

We come up with the idea of ​​creating an active tourism company with hiking trails and interpretation of the environment, for all audiences. They are almost two years that have passed and our illusion is still intact, so that everyone who comes, can say that it takes a nice experience and an unforgettable memory. 

We would like to see you here, alone or in a group. We want you to be a little happier when you come, talk about the project and if you liked it, you recommend us. When we say that it is for all audiences, it is that it is inclusive. If you come from far away we can recommend accommodations for you to rest in the area.

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