Type: Activity
Address: Paseo de las Peñitas, 15- Local
Postal Code: 40400
Population: EL ESPINAR
1 phone: +921 181 849 XNUMX
2 phone: +639 642 271 XNUMX
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


E ~ bizing is a new Center for Leisure and Tourism by bike, with Rental / Sale of electric bicycles in El Espinar (Segovia), full of mountains and forests on the northern slope of the natural park of the Sierra del Guadarrama, Garganta del Rio Moors, Alto del León, Peguerinos, Segovia, Avila, ...

We propose the realization of marches and rides on electric bicycles to enjoy. We offer you information and documentation of Routes, Insurance of Accidents and Breakdowns, and Support Services, Provisioning, Meals and Lodging.

We have several models of electric bicycles: urban, mixed, and mountain ... with the best technology of the moment.

Also for those who wish we have non-electric bicycles.

Here you can see a dossier with more information and activities.

E bizing

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