The Villa de Cuellar is full of monuments: its castle and churches, its walls and doors or its palaces and popular architecture, "The spectacle of the Heritage in its purest form", a true journey into the past.

Throughout the year the town of Cuéllar stands out for having a varied sample of fairs, highlighting the following:

In Cuéllar you can enjoy different parties such as the child of the Bola, Los Encierros de Cuéllar etc ...

The medieval environment is often accompanied by exclusive shops where you can spend a day shopping, enjoy the charm of its streets and meet the people of Cuéllar.

After strolling through the streets of this village and to corroborate its gastronomic wealth, you should make a stop at one of its inns and restaurants, to taste its typical dishes and the specialties of each house, which are many and good.

Countless churches from the 11th to the 13th centuries, of Mudejar art, in the town of Cuéllar.

Cuéllar Tourism has several thematic routes that can be self-guided using the tourist plan that is provided in the Tourist Office.

Cultural-museum center in Cuéllar. "YOU HAD TO CUÉLLAR". A space recovered from an old tannery where you can know the process of skin transformation in leather, the type and its origin, ... a visual, sensory and experimental journey in which each visitor will be a spectator and part.

The town of Cuéllar is defined as having a medieval ensemble in which stands out its civil and religious Mudejar architecture that has been preserved since the 12th and 13th century and that even today these monuments are still used for religious, cultural or private purposes, and their Walls with important Mudejar remains are an important tourist resource.

Important doors are preserved, such as San Basilio, San Martín and San Andrés

Although the first objective of a wall was military and defensive, it had other important functions such as tax collection (right of toll), protection against diseases, control of goods or rights of justice.

The Castle of Los Alburquerque is a formidable example of the Castilian fortresses. Inside you can enjoy a theatrical tour of the rooms, as well as countless activities.