Tanías de Cuéllar

Tanías de Cuéllar

Cultural-museum center in Cuéllar. "YOU HAD TO CUÉLLAR". A space recovered from an old tannery where you can know the process of skin transformation in leather, the type and its origin, ... a visual, sensory and experimental journey in which each visitor will be a spectator and part.

The tanneries of Cuellar, conserve in situ exavadas piles in the subsoil, wooden noques, canalizations and different paved. On the upper floor a room for temporary exhibitions. On the outside of the Tenerías you can enjoy a permanent exhibition "Mundo Bonsai Tenerías". This is completed with course and workshops on the knowledge of Bonsai.

The Tenerías space completes its cultural activities with the "Musical Nights of Tanneries"

Open from Tuesday to Sunday: