After strolling through the streets of this village and to corroborate its gastronomic wealth, you should make a stop at one of its inns and restaurants, to taste its typical dishes and the specialties of each house, which are many and good.

The quality of the tapas in the different establishments of the chat zone grows day by day. You have to try the mondejo, the patatas bravas, the different recipes with snails or chanterelles and the tapas of authentic creation.

Cuéllar offers a great variety and gastronomic richness, as is usual in the community of Castilla y León. Undoubtedly, the star dish is roast lamb in the Castilian style in a wood oven, but also depending on the season, you should also taste the ground chanterelles and the chicory, seasoned in different ways. They are also a delight for the palate the hams and sausages of homemade style, without forgetting of course the cheese, as much of Cuéllar as of its region, for its special elaboration and process of healing. It is cheese too, a main ingredient in baking recipes. In the desserts section, highlight the typical sweet of the Villa delicias de Cuéllar made with two traditional ingredients such as piñon chicory. This is a traditional crop of Cuellar, which had in its term several factories of transformation. The sweet represents the Mudéjar barrel so present in our town.

The best accompaniment for these dishes is the good wine that is made in our town and region. In the following link you can access the tourism page of Cuéllar and know all the gastronomic offer of this town