Throughout the year the town of Cuéllar stands out for having a varied sample of fairs, highlighting the following:


Cuéllar Fair

The Cuéllar Fairs have their origin when in the year 1390 the monarch Juan I of Castile granted the privilege to the town to have two annual fairs, of 20 days of duration each: the first for the 20 of May and another the 8 of October, with the same privileges as those of Valladolid, merced that it is subsequently ratified by his successors.

These fairs served as a model to create others such as the Fairs of Medina del Campo, and they continued in time until the mid-twentieth century, when the supply and demand of the fair was based on livestock, economic engine of the region. At the end of the 1960 years it began to lose interest, until it was recovered in the decade of the 1980 years as a multisectorial call, a character that it still has today. "Cuellar is a great showcase where you can see the latest news of our companies." The Cuéllar Fair turns the Villa into a center of regional and provincial reference, visited by thousands of people in search of new products and new technologies, of a space for the meeting.

The Cuéllar Fair is a multisectorial meeting that turns the Villa into a center of regional and provincial reference, visited by thousands of people in search of new products and new technologies, of a space for the meeting. The objective is to create a contest that serves as a means of promotion and consolidation for both industries and commerce, as well as for new entrepreneurs. The aim is to offer a multisectorial space that allows us to see a sample of the latest advances in the different fields that the market offers and to enhance and increase the economic development of our region.


Furniture fair

Within the set of events of the COMARCAL FAIR the FURNITURE FAIR is celebrated. This year 2017 will be held on 29 and 30 days in April and 1 and 2 in May. Some twenty exhibitors from Cuéllar and Castilla y León participate in this fair, mainly offering a wide range of furniture of all kinds (bedrooms, kitchens, doors, accessories ..)


The Craft Fair of Cuéllar

It is a contest parallel to the Regional Fair, but it does not lose its own identity. With it, the City Council of Cuéllar continues betting on crafts and supporting this group through these types of exhibitions. it is celebrated in an incomparable setting, the Courtyard of Arms of our Palace Castle. The Craft Fair is a shopping trip where you can enjoy all kinds of crafts.


Collectibles and Antiques Market

Within the COMARCAL DE CUÉLLAR FAIR this year 2015 is held the Collectables and Antiques Market located behind the Door of San Basilio. The event has had a large group of exhibitors who have shown the public a wide variety of products: antiques, philately, weight silver, antique toys, facsimiles, second-hand books, postcards, prints, etc ...


Cuéllar Mudéjar

The PENULTIMAL WEEKEND OF AUGUST is celebrated, a commemoration dedicated to the crafts, life and customs of the Middle Ages.

Today it is recreated in a privileged environment: the Huerta del Duque park, a leafy forest with an area of ​​eight hectares, located at the foot of the castle of Beltrán de la Cueva -validated by Henry IV of Castile- and surrounded by a tapial that connects with the oldest windmill found in Castilla y León, known here as "El Cubo". This space was used for centuries as a hunting ground, recreational area and farm by the Ducal House of Alburquerque, and it is a botanical garden that contemplates different plant species brought from around the world, enriched with its ponds, fountains and paths of sand that provide greater realism to the event and complement the varied and careful decoration with which is decorated to turn it for three days in a small medieval village animated by minstrels, dances, jousts and tournaments, concerts, street theater and an important selection of crafts and workshops where you can buy and taste products of the time.

"Cuéllar Mudéjar" takes its name from one of the most significant characteristics of the town: the Mudejar art, because Cuéllar is one of the most important focuses of this art in Castilla y León, and it is intended to move the visitor to another time past in which the town was the residence of three different cultures: Muslim, Christian and Jewish, complementing in turn the wide tourist offer offered by the medieval town, with its many churches and convents, its walled enclosure and its castle inhabited by the characters From the past.

To resolve any doubt about the fairs, you can contact via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the web link www.cuellar.es/feria-de-cuellar/ or on the 921 140 014 phone.