Visitor reception center

Visitor reception center

To get to know the environment from a natural and scenic point of view, the visitor has the possibility to visit the visitor reception centers of CENEAM and the Valle de Valsaín-Boca del Asno Visitors Center.

There, you can have multiple information about routes that can be done by the Montes de Valsaín.


The National Center of Environmental Education of Valsaín (CENEAM)

Founded in 1987, it is a reference center in environmental education that takes more than 20 years working to promote the responsibility of visitors in relation to the environment. Located in the Montes de Valsaín, the main building consists of several exhibition halls, documentation center, information center and assembly hall. Its audiovisual didactic documentation develops programs on the problems of the earth, the responsibility of the man before the environment as well as the study of the Sierra del Guadarrama and the Pinar de Valsaín.  - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 921 473 880 - 921 471 711.


The Valle de Valsaín-Boca del Asno Visitor Center

Located inside the Boca del Asno recreational area, on the road that connects the port of Navacerrada with the urban center of the Prairie of Navalhorno, it is built on an old forest house used by the nursery of the mountains. This Center shows the visitor the management and nature of Montes de Valsaín. Tel. 921 120 013 -

Other monuments and places of interest
  • Ruins of the Valsaín Palace
  • Casa de Infantes - National Tourism Parador
  • House of Rents
  • House of the Canons
  • Canons Theater
  • House of Trades
  • Mews
  • Barracks of Corps Guards
  • Consistorial Building
  • Baüer House
  • Royal Collegiate
  • Puertas de la Reina
  • Puertas de Segovia
  • Church of the Christ of Forgiveness
  • Church of the Dolores
  • Church of San Juan Nepomuceno
  • Hermitage of San Ildefonso
  • Real Polo Field
  • Well of Snow
  • House of Flowers